How To Treat Hives with Waters Edge Dermatology

Hives are basically a skin reaction. It's allergictype reaction. They tend to come up as red swellings on the skin. Generally, I try to think of the common causes of hives. Usually the first thing I think about would be medications, whether it be prescription or overthecounter. Other things that we think about would be infections, autoimmune diseases. There are also physical stimuli that can cause this. It's best to see a physician when you have hives because we want to see if we can find an underlying cause. And if we find an underlying cause,.

The first treatment would be to get rid of that cause. If it lasts longer than 24 hours, the individual lesion, then we would need to consider things like doing a biopsy. If the course of the hives lasts longer than six weeks, we would consider doing a biopsy again and even consider doing some blood work. There are some things that need to be dealt with. The hives themselves will not cause permanent skin damage, but people rubbing and scratching at them can cause damage. So we do recommend some treatment. if it happens at home,.

The first thing they want to do is take an antihistamine. Most antihistamines are overthecounter, most people do have some in the medicine cabinet at home, so the first thing you want to reach for is an antihistamine. Hives themselves are not necessarily dangerous. They can be accompanied by something called angioedema. Angioedema is similar to hives. There is swelling involved, but it's a little bit deeper in the skin. This can be located in areas that could be dangerous, in the mouth or the throat. When that occurs, that can be dangerous because it can affect the breathing.

Gail M kangen testimonial

Go ahead well, as I was saying I came over because I need to get more Kangen water and the reason is I actually showed it with blood work my histamine counts are 1500 1600 where normal is 100 or below I'm red. you can see if I hold my hand you see the red starting and it will keep on going until I actually burn and it's painful if I stay on the water the burning goes away the redness, the just the swelling everything goes down and my blood work comes back under 100, 98.

96 I go off the water because I'm stupid and I don't get down here and I start to burn and swell again I have to come back down get back on water I have been able to cut back on my medicines I cut back on everything I stop taking the water they increase the medicine I have to up my dosages it's just been a lifesaver for me so I just have to get it into my head I need to be persistent I know it's an expense right off the bat, but what is your health worth.

You have to do I mean with all the medicines, I mean, $100 here $100 there $100 here, all the visits, time off work, I need to get the water that's it. absolutely and so can you go into a little bit about what what happens when you have that autoimmune disorder and what it is called. I actually have it's just an autoimmune disorder it doesn't have a name it's an autoimmune disorder so I had blood clots in my heart I had shingles I had Fibromyalgia, I had Graves disease.

I hereditary angioedema malignant hyperthermia any autoimmune disorder, I've kind of had it. With hundreds and hundreds of hospital stays I've been ventilated twice it's been hard but it's silly to say that this water makes me feel good my labs are good I've I cut back on medicine and I'm going back on, this time for good I'm done. no more playing around. so you recommended to somebody else Absolutely 100 percent you have nothing to lose it's your health you have to do it Alright thank you very much.You're welcome.

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