Hello and welcome, today we are gonna talk on how to treat swollen lips. a simple insect bite or an allergic reaction can cause swelling of the lips. We will provide you with some simple remedies that you can try at home. Take a bowl, add some cold water, add a tea spoon of turmeric to it, mix it well apply this mixture on the affected area and leave it until it dries. Wash off with water. Repeat this twice daily. This is another way by which swelling can.

Swelling Caused by Lip Fillers How to Avoid Allergic Reactions and Choosing the Right One for You

Thank you for your question. you are describing your question and experience where you had Restylane in place at one point for your lips where 1 cc was used and you had a limited amount of swelling. At another point you had Juvederm 1/2 cc and your lips swell significantly. Youre looking for an explanation and understanding. Well I can certainly assist you with this question. Im a Boardcertified cosmetic surgeon practicing in Manhattan in Long Island for over 20 years. Im also a member of the Y Lift Network and use Juvederm a lot.

In areas of the face for volume improvement or something we call structural volumizing and create like a facelift effect. Ive been using Restylane since the beginning when it was first approved. Certainly Ive had a lot of experience with both and I can give you a certain perspective on how I deal with patients whenever we have such a similar type of situation. First of all, its very important to understand that the reactions can be individual where.

One patient can have a tremendous amount of swelling with one product and will do a skin test and will try figure out if theres an allergy trying an alternative product and have considerably less swelling. Its worked both ways. We have seen swelling from Juvederm. Weve seen swelling from Restylane. Its maybe the same injector doing the same technique. Its my personal bias that for finer work along the border lips, I tend to prefer Restylane. I think that whenever we have any kind of discussion about optimal fillers we always.

Get into this type of heated debate about how we work in such and such as hands. i think its more that its also but the individual patient. In the terms of the swelling afterwards it is probably something that your is familiar with and was able to assist you with in navigating through the swelling. We have to distinguish between just reactive swelling from volume or I actually should say from the trauma of the treatment versus the swelling thats the result of the hydrophilic or.

The swelling from the water. then how long did that take to resolve. i always tell my patients that you can expect a certain amount of swelling and we try to mitigate that during the procedure through a variety of method. But then at the same time theres at least a couple of weeks of letting it settle in. We routinely see our patients in about two weeks to make sure that the contourship that we saw when I did the procedure is maintained. Sometime theres a need for enhancement, sometimes we add a little bit more. With that.

Being said, i think from your experience, you may want to choose to just use the restylane moving forward and sometimes people want to switch from one product to another for the sake of longevity. But it has been my experience again for doing hyaluronic acid fillers since Restylane hit the market several years ago. I believe it was right 05 that it is still something that you want to customize individually. Because some people the product will last a lot longer than what the manufacturer of the product will state for based on their.

Fda studies. where they did studies to show the fda what their results were and thats what they write on their information. For our people in practice, Ive had patients who I did Restylane for in their lips and it effectively lasted over a year. Its not just an absolute, there is a lot of factors in what happens to the individual in terms of metabolization of the material. It maybe for you a better choice to just do the Restylane moving forward if you want to avoid this or do at least some skin test or.

Something to try to balance that what could potentially be a more swelling effect if you want to try Juvederm again. In my practice I would probably advice you against then I would say just use something that is consistent because these are supposed to be like lunch time procedures and it was about to be able to get people back to their normal day quickly. That being said I think we have to make practical decisions even if it means that material like Restylane may not last as long in you but at least you can avoid the undesirable side.

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