i’m coyote peterson, i’m out here in the creeks walking around barefoot and what do I come across? A toe biter. E (adventure themed music) Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, you know what i just found? You see that, right there? Okay, I am walking around out here barefoot in the creeks looking for salamanders, and we stumble upon this. Hold on, let me grab it really, really carefully. Ugh, oh my gosh, eww.

That is a giant waterbug. Also known as a toe biter, because if you walk around in a pond or a swamp, or in this case a creek and you step on one of these, you’re going to get a bite that you’ll never forget. This is not something that I want to be bitten by.

Yeah, this is probably the biggest one that I’ve ever seen. They can actually fly, but they’re out here hunting around in the creeks for anything that they can come across. I would imagine that these can probably eat California Newts, some of the other salamanders.

They will inflict a bite from this (dramatic guitar riffs) Oh boy! He just grabbed me with his, his front pinchers there. Gosh, that made my heart jump. He will inflict a bite from up front that basically.

Injects a venom into the prey and turns their insides to mush, and then they drink it up like a slushie. This is one of the most bizarre creatures that you’ll ever come across. The Giant Waterbug. E.

Alright, i’m putting him back in the water and I’m getting my boots back on. Ya know, it’s all fun and games, walking around in the creeks barefoot until you come across a toe biter. I think for the rest of the day,.

These keens are staying on my feet. And, if you’re out there watching and you’ve ever been bitten by a Giant Waterbug you know exactly why I’m putting my boots back on. I’m sure a lot of you are saying Ah, Coyote, you didn’t let that one bite you?.

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