Ariana Grande Problem ft. Iggy Azalea PARODY! Key Of Awesome 87

Parody artist Ahahaha dancer sexy Is this a good fake laugh Yo. He he he he he It's Uggie Uggs I got voice and speech problems Parody of Problem My name is Ariana Grande I'm an anime cartooooon I don't know what to do with my hands Because I can't dance That's why I brought these dudes Here's my horny sadface It's hella creepy Because I look like I'm eleven And in a pageant With Honey BooBoo This is my warmup that shows off my high notes Chorus is coming, build to a crescendo.

Got one small secret to tell you I got laryngitis and can't do That epic chorus I promised you You just killed a perfect pop song I was out late partyin' til two So sorry to disappoint you I could stay and whisper it for you Well I guess that was better than nothin' That's fifty dollars for a tshirt Get out of here Macklemore! Sorry! Thought I heard my hook. This is the song of the summer And that's a bummer 'Cause it kinda blows But all you kids are gonna buy it.

Because you liked all My shitty shows Ponytail is too tight It pulls back my eyes It's makin' me look kinda crazy And kinda Asian But it's my one hairdo Everyone's saying I'm the next Mariah But I'm not an old mess And I can sing higher I'll touch my face 'cause it looks cool I'm not really sure what else to do But I want to stay and support you Just go home you sound like Gollum Okay I actually feel sick And again so sorry about this Just give my rap to the white chick.

Well that's one less one less paycheck Wait I'm not getting paid for this Hold on 'Scuse me sir Big booty Betty bustin' out some bubbalicious bling I ain't got the slightest clue What the hell I'm saying My voice is a cross between a baby Biggie Bane For the hundredth time No I'm not actually Marlon Wayans My first name is Iggy, my last name's Azalea Nah I ain't from the hood I'm actually Australian I'm huffin' and puffin' and bluffin' Just fillin' up the space This is the vocal equivalent of blackface.

They say I'm ridic, a chick version of Pitbull I would say that's accurate So you can't call me Titbull How much wood would a woodchuck if it could chuck wood I got 99 verses but they ain't that good You got white girl rhymin' problems Yeah, I know that, however I got street cred 'cause of my bum I'm going to end with a pitch humans can't hear It will make blood come right out of you dog's ears I can do the whispering for you The Dark Knight has come to the rescue.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Craig Yopp COVER

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Music Tutorial Did you have to do this I was thinking that you could be trusted Did you have to ruin what was shining Now it's all rusted Did you have to hit me, where I'm weak Baby, I couldn't breathe And rub it in so deep, salt in the wound like you're laughing right at me Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I 'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you've done 'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood.

Hey Now we got problems And I don't think we can solve them You made a really deep cut And, baby, now we've got bad blood Hey Did you think we'd be fine Still got scars on my back from your knife So don't think it's in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last now. Did you think it all through All these things will catch up to you And time can heal but this won't, so if you come in my way just don't Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I.

'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you've done 'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood Hey Now we got problems And I don't think we can solve them You made a really deep cut Bandaids don't fix bullet holes You say sorry just for show You live like that, you live with ghosts Bandaids don't fix bullet holes You say sorry just for show If you live like that you live with ghosts If you love like that blood runs cold.

The Precious Blood of Christ

As Christians, we want to live in God's presence. But we have a problem. Sin. Sin separates us from God, fills us with guilt, and gives Satan ground to accuse us. But God has given us a solution to these three problems the precious blood of Christ. Isaiah 592 says, Your iniquities have become a separation between you and your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear. God is holy and He can't be in the presence of sin. So when we sin, we lose God's presence.

But 1 John 19 says, If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The blood of Christ washes away our sins, and removes all distance between us and God. When we sin, we also feel guilty. Guilt is the stain of sins on our conscience. Our conscience is like a window. When the window's clean, we're full of light. But when we sin, guilty stains cloud our conscience. If we let our sins accumulate, they block out light and leave us in darkness.

No detergent, no chemical on earth, can wash these stains away. But Hebrews 914 tells us that the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to purify our conscience. Whenever we sense guilt in our conscience, we can pray Lord, forgive me for what I did. I claim Your precious blood to cleanse my conscience from any stain of guilt. Finally, sins also bring in Satan's accusations. Revelation 1210 calls Satan the accuser of our brothers because he accuses them before God day and night. Satan tries to keep us away from God by reminding us of our sins.

Bleeding Gums Warning Stop Periodontal and Gum Disease

Here you see the dental hygienist performing a periodontal scaling procedure. It involves removing the plaque and calculus or tartar that has built up around the tooth. Notice how that even a moderate case of periodontal buildup can cause bacterial infection. Now as you can see with a severe case of periodontitis, there is a large buildup of bacterial caused tartar in the gum pocket which is causing inflammation, infection and bleeding. The root scaling is removing that bacterial plaque, but the gums are already inflamed and infected, and so damage is occurring to the teeth and to the gums.

All this is caused by BAD BACTERIA. These bacteria can multiply by the millions in just a few hours and plaque can get a foothold in your mouth, Which can turn into tartar which usually forms along the gum line. The tartar buildup causes a pocket to form between the tooth and the gum, which allows bacteria to hide and create infection and inflammation. This can lead to bleeding, red, swollen gums which are a sign of gingivitis and periodontitis, which could eventually cause tooth loss and expensive medical procedures. Dont let this happen to you!.

There are two things you must do to keep your teeth and gums healthy, First, every dentist will tell you that you must have a good oral hygiene program. This means you need to Brush, Floss, and Rinse twice a day, both morning and evening. Nothing is going to improve unless you take these steps to take care of your teeth and gums. Second, you must use a toothpaste with proven antibacterial properties. You want a toothpaste that will stop the massive bacteria buildup. OraMD is a superior product that is an allinone liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener.

It is Dentist Endorsed worldwide It is 100 pure with no chemicals And best of all, it has strong antibacterial properties. In fact, a recent University of Kentucky study concluded that OraMDs ingredients were OFF THE CHARTS in killing bad oral bacteria. Normally, a single bottle of OraMD retails for $22.97, but For a limited time you can get one bottle for 70 off the retail price, plus well give you free shipping. Thats right, you can try OraMD for the incredibly low price of $6.89 and well ship it to you for free.

What does Blood Liver Function Testing do

Very few of us realize quite how hard our liver is working all the time its processing chemicals that go through it from the bloodstream getting rid of alcohol getting rid of toxins getting rid of medicines it's helping us digest fat and protein and it's helping our blood to clot properly so it works really hard. Tots of things therefore not surprisingly can make the liver go wrong When your doctor does a blood test they'll be looking for all sorts different things and a single set of socalled liver function tests can show up.

All sorts of different abnormalities. Of there's inflammation in the liver itself which could be due to something like a virus infection, eg. infectious hepatitis or another kind of viral hepatitis, that will cause one blood test to go up the same blood test will be raised by cirrhosis of the liver, drinking too much alcohol, and some medications, especially satin tablets which we take to reduce cholesterol can also cause those blood tests to rise that doesn't matter on the whole in some cases if the rise is not too big and if it's not going up too fast.

Too fast in fact quite often the blood will come back down to normal. But your doctor will advise if you need further tests if the outflow from the liver is locked than that too, can cause rises in your liver function tests but a different one called an ALP. The most common cause of that is gallstones that certain antibiotics for instance in even the oral contraceptive pill can occasionally cause that blood test be raised so what treatment you need will depend on your circumstances and what tablets you're taking.

Bilirubin the one we probably all know about because too much bilirubin makes your skin turn yellow it's caused by the breakdown of red blood cells so if you're breaking down cells too fast or if your liver is otherwise not working normally, then that can go up. GGT, the last test is often related to drinking too much alcohol and it may be an early warning sign that your liver is struggling from the amount alcohol that you're drinking, do take note sometimes however tablets, especially satin tablets can make that go up.

Why is there Blood in My Urine

I need your advice. Why is there blood in my urine I remember my mother's advice if nothing is bleeding or broken, you don't need me or a doctor. But I am bleeding somewhere. There's blood. That means that you'll need a doctor. Do I have to Doctors are expensive. One possible cause is a tear in the bladder. That could be a source of blood. How would that be fixed Surgery Maybe surgery, maybe letting it heal on its own. That depends on the severity. What else could cause this.

For women, the blood from a period could be mistaken for blood in the urine. For guys, an STD could cause it. How would an STD cause blood in the urine When someone says STD, we think of sores and lesions on the outside. But the infection can go up the urethra, and every time you pee, the sores are ripped open. Oh, God, that's disgusting. They even shot guys up with mercury as a cure, as in a night with Venus the love goddess, a lifetime of Mercury. It gets worse. It could get life threatening in the days before antibiotics, because the.

Pustules could get worse until it blocked the flow. I am no where near that bad. It just burns. You could have a bladder infection. That infection could cause bleeding, which them comes out the only flow. Wouldn't I have to have a fever In most cases, yes. But you could have the infection with a low grade or recurring fever. I wish there was a more benign case. I don't want to go in imagining horrific growths and tumors and surgery. You might just have kidney stones. Those are incredibly common, but often painful, causes.

Surfer Blood Drinking Problem

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Surfer Blood Drinking Problem Live On KEXP

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