Pain At Base Of Skull And Neck

Hi welcome to Stressed Out Stress Free my name is Vincent Woon. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to get rid of pain underneath your skull right here and this area here and also a little on the neck. Now how do you get all this kind of pain, how do you get all this of pain,how do you get pain underneath our skull and on your neck. Most of the pain behind the skull and on your neck comes from spending too much time on the computer. like staring into the computer, on the phone and the main thing is how you.

Hold your head and your body meaning your posture. How you post yourself. How you stand. Ok! let me show you a quick and simple technique that I use to release this pain. First you need to use the side of your hand the soft cushiony part. All you need to do is turn around use the cushiony part here just dig into the tight muscle here like such. Like pushing it in this way. Rub it in,rub it in and push it this way, use this corner here and push it in like this.

Like such and just rub it, rub it and to take care of the neck area just use the same area here the side of hand and just push it in this way, just like you are doing a jigsaw like this, like this. You can do the same for the other side. Use the side of your hand go into this way the muscle underneath the skull and push it in like this. Jiggle jiggle it a little and the same thing over here to do the neck, like a saw movement back and forth and once you.

Feel the heat you can go a little faster like such. I'm going to show you like this. Once you feel the heat in the muscle than you just go like this,just rub it. Same thing on the other side just rub it. When you rub it fast you will create circulation, when you rub it fast you will blood and circulation to the area and you'll actually feel the heat. After that quick movement you'll feel the whole neck heated up,which is a good thing. That means you actually bring circulation.

The Role Of The C1Esterase Inhibitor In HAE

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