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Hi! Doctor Bill Lanting America's Allergist Allergies when do they occur How old do you have to be Actually you could be weeks, months, couple years, maybe, adolescence, 20s, 30s, 40s, allergy it's like having a light switch it just needs to be turn on then once it is turned on, doesn't go off unless you actually do something we call immunotherapy allergies usually occur, first, with everyday indoor stuff we call these perennial allergens 'cause they're around all the time and this is the thing that's specially our young children become allergic to first.

And again it could be even a few months of age and can be tested for at that young and age sometimes you think you can't test until your two or something actually you can do it when they're very young even a couple months old and so is the things that you see every day because allergies remember our protective mechanism and they protect you against foreign proteins so what a little guys see animal danders like cat and dog molds, dust dustmite, cockroaches things that you see all the time and then.

The body decides to protect and mixes IGE allergy molecules or antibodies against that stuff once the factory gets cooking though there are more allergies that occur and then eventually outdoor allergies occur so you have to see something to be allergic to it and that's why outdoor allergies occur usually after a few years of age or later in in a child's life or adults life because you have to see the season's remember things seasonal well only out for a couple months every year so indoor outdoor allergies usually occur.

In people as they get older but again when they're very young it maybe just indoor stuff and that produces the skin stuff like eczema or atopic dermatitis the nose or allergic rhinitis the lungs and asthma so what you gonna do about it well that's the thing you should watch our other tutorial blogs buy our DVD's get knowledge and figure out to what we can do the best is cause remember the word allergies you wanna be symptomfree and live a wonderful life I'm Doctor Bill Lanting America's Allergist.

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