Human Physiology Immune Dysfunction

GtgtDr. Ketchum So when the mast cells secrete histamine, histamine, we know, causes vasodilation and increases capillary permeability. Now you have to think about this happeningit's widespread when you have an acute allergic response. So this is happening throughout the body. And so because it happens throughout the body and you have this vasodilation of the peripheral blood vessels and increased capillary permeability, what I want you to do next is I want you to think about how will this affect total peripheral resistance How will this affect MAP, and therefore, how can people die within minutes All right, then.

I want you to think about what kind of treatment. If you could get to somebody in time that was having acute allergic response, what kind of treatment, what would you inject them with that would help alleviate these symptoms and prevent their death Now going back to the acute allergic response then, when you vasodialate and have increased capillary permeability, that's going to ultimately cause the symptoms like hay fever and coughing and sneezing and so on. So those are just the immune dysfunctions. All right, then there's autoimmune diseases. So what is an autoimmune disease And then there are.

Immunodeficiency diseases. So what are immunodeficiency diseases Are any of these congenital And then stress and the immune response. So how does stress play a role in the immune response Think back to hormones. Which hormone can suppress the immune response So I went ahead and I gave you some suggestions for postclass activities. So these suggestions will help you learn this material a little bit better. So you can expand upon your lecture notes, make a concept map for innate and acquired immunity. So you can build off the concept.

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