Hey guys, axe, here. in this tutorial, i’m going to talk about what gluten sensitivity is and how gluten is affecting your life. So gluten sensitivity symptoms, gluten sensitivity side effects. I even read an article recently that said gluten sensitivity might be a myth. The truth is that’s not true. Gluten sensitivity is a real thing and here are the top warning signs that you might be gluten sensitive:.

If you have any type of digestion issue, it’s a clear sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you have food allergies, whatsoever. Allergies to dairy and wheat and eggs, that’s a clear sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you have autoimmune disease, it’s a clear sign you have gluten sensitivity. If you struggle with chronic fatigue, fibro myalgia, weight gain, joint pain, arthritis, brain inflammation.

Or if your child has adhd or autism, or if you have thyroid issues, like hypothyroidism or hormone imbalance. Those are all clear warning signs that you are probably sensitive to gluten. What gluten is, it’s a sticky protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. Mostly in wheat today. This gluten today, it’s been hybridized so this isn’t the same gluten that our ancestors were consuming a couple hundred years ago. This is a new breed of gluten that.

Our bodies are highly sensitive to. Here’s what happens and here’s how it affects your body. When you consume gluten, it’s an inflammatory protein. It gets into your gut and will start to cause intestinal inflammation. It will eventually actually rip a hole in your gut. Your gut acts like a net, so it will tear a hole in it and gluten will leak through and start causing inflammation throughout the body. It can actually cause autoimmune.

Disease. What auto immune disease is due to gluten sensitivity, is when your body starts finding gluten at protein, it sees it as a foreign invader, but other tissues in your body are made up of protein, including your thyroid and your joints and things like that. So your body, after it attacks gluten long enough, says, Oh, well there’s some protein that looks like gluten on the thyroid. I’m going to start attacking that as well. So.

That’s why gluten sensitivity has been linked to hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and a number of other health issues. So again, if you have any of those issues that’s a clear warning sign that you are gluten sensitive. So let me teach you know how to go gluten free and how to follow a glutenfree diet. First off, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Most people think, I’m going gluten free, this.

Means i can never eat bread again. The good news is there are natural flours that are gluten free. Some of my favorites are coconut flour, almond flour, as well as sprouted spelt flour. At least the sprouted spelt, it says its gluten free. Also, sourdough breads are much easier to consume. It’s not that you can never have bread again. You just want to consume those in moderation. But you do want to lower or.

Completely eliminate your consumption of gluten the best you can. One of the best diets to heal from gluten sensitivity, so if you’re wondering and you know your gluten sensitive, you’ve got Hashimoto’s, or you’ve got rheumatoid arthritis or food allergies, you struggle with food intolerance or allergies, the best way to overcome that is by following a diet called the GAPS diet. The GAPS diet really supports healing of your digestive system and it includes things like.

Treat Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal Exhaustion Adrenal Insufficiency with Natural Medicine

So the adrenal glands are part of your endocrine system. endocrine is a medical term that just means hormone system. Your adrenal glands anatomically live on top of your kidneys on both sides and make hormones like cortisol and DHEA, aldosterone. Cortisol is a really important hormoneit has lots of jobs in the body. One of them that were really familiar with is helping you deal with stress that comes your way. So when you hear about that fight or flight type of reaction, thats actually mediated by cortisol. So.

If you dont have enough cortisol, you actually cant motivate and address that situation really adequately. Another thing thats really important that cortisol does is it helps someone maintain blood sugar regularities: wed all love to eat every few hours if we could, but sometimes theres situation where we just dont eat for more hours, you know, five or six hoursand so its the cortisol during that time that signals your liver to release your stored sugar, called glycogen, so that you can maintain blood sugar.

Regularity. lastly, cortisol is really important for helping you maintain inflammation appropriately in your body. So if you dont have adequate cortisol levels, youll tend to see overreactivity in your immune system, and so thats a problem youll see. It manifests as allergies, and sometimes, in a severe condition, as an autoimmune case. Adrenal fatigue is something thats actually very common in our society. I dont think people know, though, the term very well, but the symptom profile is very common, and it comes about because of chronic stress essentially.

This can be mental and emotional stress from chronic studying as a student; it can be very high career stress for years and years; it can be having physical disability, so someone who has a physical condition, a health problem, for yearsthat will often tax the adrenals. And another one thats huge in our society is diet: coffee pushes, so to speak, the adrenal glands to make more hormone, and they get tired. And sugars another big onea lot of the refined carbohydrates in sugar really stress out our adrenal glands. When we have.

Adrenal fatigue, what well see is fatigue, interestingly enough. people cannot wake up in the morningit becomes very difficult to get going in the morning. Theres not good stamina throughout the day; people feel like they want to take naps, or theyre just tired. People will just come in saying, Im tired, I dont know whats wrong with me, nothing shows up on my blood work and Im just tired. What well also see is an inability to regulate blood sugar, so people will get shakyall the symptoms.

Of hypoglycemiaand sweaty sometimes if you dont eat frequently enough, shaky, irritable. Youll also start to see a lot more inflammation reactions like allergiesits very common for someone whos never had allergies in their life, and all of a sudden, adrenal fatigue happens, sets in, and hay fever will manifest, sometimes skin reactions theyre allergic, like atopic dermatitis, or eczema reactions. This can happen when the adrenals are fatigued because theres not enough cortisol to keep down inflammation.

In extreme cases, you can see initiation of autoimmune diseases or worsening of autoimmune diseasesthis is very possible. But these are all things we start to see with adrenal fatigue. And youll also see interesting food cravings: youll start to see more sugar craving, both because of the low energy, and also because you cant regulate your blood sugar well, because the cortisol is needed to help the liver release glycogen, which is your sugar storage. And then salt cravings happen because low aldosterone has.

Happenedyou cant maintain adequate blood pressure, and so youll crave more salt to keep your blood pressure up. So when patients walk into my office, and theyre complaining of symptoms like extreme fatigue, or difficulty waking up in the morning, or theyre having interesting sugar cravings or salt cravings that didnt used to be thereparticularly in the afternoonor theyre all of a sudden having allergies that they didnt used to have (and this can be both seasonal things like hay fever, it can also be a lot of skin.

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