You Should Never Do a Liver Cleanse Before Doing This liver detox cleanse VitaLife Episode 152

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m Janine Bowring and in today episode of the VitaLife Show we’re talking about liver cleansing and you should never do a liver cleanse without first doing this. So I wonder if you can guess that may be I’m going to explain using Lucy our model today to show you why it’s so important to do the right type of cleanses. I always get the questions here at the VitaLife Show well what about cleanses liver detox what’s the best detox diet.

I going answer all these questions for you today using Lucy so what is that magical thing that we have to do before doing a liver cleanse well we have to make sure that also our Colon and our Kidneys are cleanse at the same time so if we take a look at Lucy will see that all the internal organs work together so for instance the liver is so important as an internal detox organ as well as the intestine and the kidneys as well which of course are.

Hidden behind the intestines in the stomach so it’s really important to think about if you think about your kitchen sink and if your kitchen sink is like your liver one of you know the cleansing organs and then the pipes that drain the kitchen sink it’s like your colon so imagine you know you’ve got a lotta gunk in that kitchen sink you’ve fleshing off the sides, fleshing out the liver and you don’t pull the plug well that’s essentially what happens with a lot of.

People that are doing cleanses is when they’re doing a liver cleanse and they haven’t let go of the plug which is the colon and the large intestine what happens is that essentially they’re pushing those toxins into an area that’s not ready for it this is why people often will have signs and symptoms of toxicity when they’re doing a cleanse we don’t want that for you the best thing to do is always to do a full body detox and that’s what I always recommend for all my patient.

So what are some other great things that we can do for cleansing our liver well let’s give you some tips first and foremost using lemon so fresh lemon squeezed into a little bit watered drink this first thing in the morning when you wake up a great way to gently cleanse and get the liver going secondly castor oil pack absolutely love castor oil pack I’ve use them for years with my patients as a naturopathic and you’ll find out how to do that we’ll have a future episode exactly how to make a castor oil pack and I’ll show you how to do that so be.

Sure to check that out here at the VitaLife Show Basically what you need to put some castor oil onto a cotton piece of cloth and you put that especially over the liver which is a great thing to do for about 45 minutes then you can just relax with this there with a hot water bottle and top great way to detoxify the liver very costeffective as well next on the list in your diet, so the diet tips so for doing a liver cleanse include increasing.

The number of green leafy vegetables in the diet and a green leafy vegetables are often very bitter and they help to detoxify your liver and this is really you know something that you can add into your daily diet every day so things like dandelion greens, bok choy, swiss chard great for detoxifying the liver naturally next on list is herbs so there’s some great liver detox herbs that help you to get all those toxins out of the liver.

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