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Music Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. If I told you that I'm going to help you understand and treat your keratosis pilaris, you'd say, What's he talking about But if I told you that's a fancy medical term for chicken skin, which is that rough, itchy skin that occurs on the top and outer parts of some people's arms and also on the front of their thighs, then it might ring a bell. It's particularly common in teenagers and young adults, and it itches but, more importantly,.

It looks really funny, because you have all these little white studded bumps on your skin with pink skin in between. It's not dangerous but It certainly looks funny and doesn't feel good. This is another situation where exfoliants to the rescue, because these hard little bumps represent overgrowths of dead cells on the top of the hair follicle. All you have to do is literally dissolve them away with a chemical exfoliant, whichever one you use for your face, you can use on your arms wherever you have your chicken skin, and use it twice a day, and it will result over a period of.

Banfield Pet Hospital Common Types of Skin Disease in Dogs and Cats

Music gtgtNARRATOR Your pet's skin. gtgtDR. WEBB Hi, I'm Dr. Webb , a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital. As your partner in pet care, it's our goal to help you keep your pet healthy and happy. When your pet's immune system reacts abnormally to substances such as fleas, pollens, mold spores, mites and certain foods, it's called an allergy. The offensive substances those causing your pet's signs, are allergens. Common reasons for many skin conditions fall into one of the following three categories parasitic, nutritional, and environmental. gtgtNARRATORParasites, which are organisms that live and feed off of another living organism,.

Can cause your pet to suffer from discomfort, allergic reactions, and other serious conditions. Flea allergy dermatitis is one of the most common skin conditions in dogs and cats. Pets with this condition aggressively scratch and chew at their skin and fur. This can create a rash and skin infections. Ticks, lice or mites can also cause disease. Your Banfield veterinarian can recommend a parasite control product that will control and prevent an infestation, keeping your pet and your home! comfortable and safe. Some pets can have skin or coat problems because of the food they eat.

Signs of nutritionrelated skin problems can include patchy hair loss, excessive dandruff, itchy skin or a dull, lackluster coat. If your pet shows any of these signs, your Banfield veterinarian can recommend a different food. we have several different veterinary diets formulated for pets that have nutritional allergies. Medication might also be recommended during your visit. Dust mites and pollens are environmental allergens that can cause an itchy skin condition known as atopic dermatitis. Pets with atopic dermatitis can also develop bacterial and yeast infections on their skin and ears. Otitis externa, which is a clinical term for inflammation of the ear, is very common in.

Dogs and cats and often results in ear infections. These infections can be itchy and painful, and the ears may have a foul odor or discharge. The ear flap and canal appear red and swollen from the irritation, and your pet may shake their head or tilt it to one side. Your Banfield veterinarian can help relieve and prevent this with medication and preventive care techniques like athome ear cleaning. gtgtDR. To help catch issues early, we recommend twice yearly comprehensive exams and parasite screenings. gtgtNARRATORThanks for listening. Remember, you know your pet best.

Home Remedies for Facial Skin Problems II II

Welcome To Health Care at Home We have one of our viewer he has requested to hide his name, he is saying that he has lots of scars on his face apart from this, wrinkles and acne is also there. So asking for remedy to get rid of all of them. See, you have asked for 1 Solution for multiple problems But i will tell you some solutions and remedies out of them whatever you will use , you will be benefited. for any type of skin problem as you said that you have ancescars.

There is a very simple remedy for this, take sandalwood and take 1 spoon of milk and have to scrub this sandal wood and the paste which will be ready of sandalwood and milk this you have to apply on your whole face after application you have to wait for 1 hour and after one hour you have to wash your face if you will do this remedy for 15 days then you will find the difference in your skin. Yes, be careful for one thing, as you have written that you have blackheads and acnescars.

So it may possible that your skin is oily if you have oily skin. then do not use milk instead use Rose Water put 1 Spoon of Rose water on a stone rub sandalwood on it. Rub it generously for 57 minutes till then the thick paste is ready and you have to apply this paste on your skin and have to wait for 1 hour and after waiting for 1 hour you have to wash your face and within 15 days you will see that on your skin you will fee the major difference,Apart form this one more remedy i will tell you.

Take Pulp of Red Tomato, finely grate it and take out its pulp almost 1 spoon of pulp you may take out and add few drops of Lemon Juice and then you have massage it on your whole skin this way you have to massage it and you have to massage it for 12 n hour and after massaging for half n hour you have to wash your face with water you have to to this remedy twice a time in a day. morning and evening and to this remedy for 2022 days and you will notice that whatever scars are there. they will be vanished.

Apart form this i will tell you one more very effective and easy remedy Take out the juice of Holy Basil Leaves Just imagine that you have bottle of glass so half of bottle should be Holy Basil Leaves juice and add half bottle of lemon juice mix both of them and put this bottle under sunshine and then morning and evening take a cotton ball and the juice which got prepared, this you have to apply on your face this war nicely wherever you have blackheads and acne there you have to apply this.

Leave it for 1 hour and then wash your face with fresh water then any type of skin problem will be vanished. And there is also an easy remedy, even if you apply only lemon on your skin yes apply lemon before sleeping and then leave it and then wash your face in morning then the dry skin, black heads and wrinkles and if your skin get tight you will be relieved by all of these problems. And very soon your skin will glow and will be smooth as well. and will also be radiant.

Treating Skin Conditions Types of Hyperpigmentation

Hi my name is Mary Thinnes and I am a skin care expert. I am going to discuss with you some common forms of hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is the brown spots that can be sun induced or caused by hormones for instance melasma is a common form of hyper pigmentation. As you can see by this chart it is still the brown spots as I mentioned before but sometimes it is seen in young men who use a lot of after shave lotions and especially it is common in women 20 to 40 because it is associated with hormones so you will also see melasma.

In pregnant women. It looks like the pregnancy mask and unfortunately it can't generally be fixed until after they have had the baby because it is due to their hormones and being pregnant. It is fixable after the baby is born. Melasma is fixable even if it is someone who just has a hormone imbalance and is not pregnant, it is still fixable with those women as well because like I said it is a form of hyper pigmentation and it can be fixed. Anything from the lightening gels that I mentioned before to professional treatments which I.

Will discuss later on. Another form of hyper pigmentation that is common is post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and this generally can be caused from a skin infection as I mentioned before with acne, it can be a mark that is left after acne is extracted and the pustule is not present but the lesion is still present afterwards with that red. It can also be due to trauma maybe someone was burned or someone had surgery and as I mentioned before it is a form of hyper pigmentation and it is fixable. I just wanted to mention those different types.

Which Is Best Glycolic Acid vs TCA vs Lactic Acid Peel

Hi guys, so today I want to address this frequently asked question. Some people just ask me like Chinenye, I don't know, should I use glycolic peel or lactic acid, what percentage should I use I want to address that today. To start off, there are three basic types of peels, ok There is superficial peel, medium peel and the deep peel, ok Superficial peels are the mildest type of chemical peel and they can be used on all skin types, they're most often glycolic or lactic acid, ok Those are the peels that fall under superficial.

Peels. The second one under it is the medium peel. These peels penetrate the skin more deeply than superficial peels and it causes second degree burn of the skin. TCA peel is the main peeling agent for medium peels, ok The third one and the last one are the deep peels, ok This one I really recommend you go to the dermatologist, you can't even find these peels to self administer it, and the most popular peel in this category is the phenol peel. If you Google phenol peel you will not find anywhere to purchase it because they don't sell it. It causes second.

Degree burn to your skin, they use only on the face, ok Deep peels may not be used on darker skin types because they tend to bleach the skin, even for the lightest skin people this phenol peels may bleach the skin. So yeah, there you have it, now you know what to use for what problem you're trying to address, ok Medium peels are kind of like lean towards when I'm trying to treat high pigmentation on my body. Lactic acid peel or maybe glycolic which fall under superficial peels I probably.

Massage Envy Spas Healthy Skin Facials by Murad

Hello, I'm Dr. Howard Murad and I'm here at the Manhattan Beach Massage Envy Spa. I'm here to talk about Murad Healthy Skin Facials which are offered exclusively at Massage Envy Spas. It's based on the Murad philosophy of looking, living, and feeling better. Massage Envy's mission is a pathway to wellness where they have professional, convenient and affordable treatments that make a difference in your life. The Murad recipe is in all four Healthy Skin Facials. These facials are tailored for your individual skin type and every single one of them has antioxidants, antiinflammatories, and hydrators. Environmental Shield Vitamin.

C Facial is for environmental aging. It contains antioxidants and vitamin C. It fades pigmentation which leads to clearer skin. We have the Clarifying Enzyme Acne Facial which reduces blemishes and inflammation, it contains fruit enzymes, antiseptics, antioxidants and hydrating agents. Our AntiAging Facial is for fine lines and wrinkles. It contains glycolic acid for exfoliation and also contains antioxidnts, antiinflammatories and hydrators. And, finally, our Sensitive Skin Facial. It repairs and balances the skin, it's a mild exfoliation and soothing mask, and it improves the skin's barrier function. There are many many benefits of regular facials.

Dog Care Tips How to Treat Dog Mange

Let's talk about how to treat mange in dogs. The first thing to know about mange, is what it is, and there are two types. Mange is actually a mite. It's a small little mite, that lives in the skin. There are two types that we generally see, demodectic mange, or demodex mange, versus sarcoptic mange, or scabies. Demodectic mange, most dogs have it normally anyway. They get it from their mothers, right after birth. It's a little mange that usually, or a mite that doesn't cause many problems. It lives in the skin, a lot of times around the mouth,.

Eyes, and on the ends of the joints, that sort of thing. When you will see a breakout, is if the immune system cannot handle the small amount of mites, that are present, like poor nutrition, being a stray, growing too quickly, stress, that sort of thing, so what you'll see, are areas of hair loss and crustiness, and things like that. With demodex mange, it's generally not that itchy, unless there is a secondary skin infection, along with it. To treat demodectic mange, check with your veterinarian. If it's local in a small.

Spot, there is an ointment for that. If it's generalized or larger, they will usually recommend a dip every two weeks, for several times. There's also a type of drug, a antiparasitic called Ivermectin, that they may use orally on a daily basis, to prevent demodectic mange. Sarcoptic mange is different. It is transmitted, and dogs don't normally have it, so a lot of strays have sarcoptic mange. It's incredibly itchy, and so the first things these dogs will do, is itch and itch and itch, and how do you treat that That is usually treated.

Common Skin Diseases And Disorders

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Banfield Pet Hospital Common Types Of Skin Disease In Dogs And Cats

Banfield Pet Hospital Common Types Of Skin Disease In Dogs And Cats,The three most common causes of skin disease in dogs and cats are parasites, food allergies, and environmental factors. Your local Banfield Pet Hospital..

Skin Diseases Types And Causes.Skin diseases are a very common health problem that affects so many people. There are many different types of skin diseases and many different causes of skin..

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