Why is My Right Foot Swollen During Pregnancy

Why is my right foot swollen during pregnancy Many women start retaining fluid during pregnancy, and water flows downhill. What do you do about swollen feet Drink more liquids and eat less salt so that you do not retain as much water. I'm already peeing for two. Drinking more seems counter intuitive. Drinking more water versus soda, coffee and caffeinated tea can help resolve water retention. What else can I do Put your feet up to help circulate fluids back toward your core, instead of them accumulating around your feet. I think the technical term for this is edema.

Remember that the hormones that help the ligaments and muscles relax to give the baby space to grow make your feet grow too. And unlike your stomach, your feet may actually stay that new bigger size. My biggest issue is swelling in my feet, and primarily the right foot. Excessive swelling is a sign of preeclampsia. If you have excessive swelling along with symptoms like a puffy face or hands or blood singing in your ears or seeing red, contact your doctor immediately. You do not want me to try to get the blood pressure down by drinking more water or taking.

Diuretics in that case Absolutely not. Preeclampsia is life threatening, and the only treatment in most cases is delivering the baby. If my blood pressure was not high before, it is now. If you don't have high blood pressure when you check it, then this could be as simple as the fact that you wore a tight sock on the right foot limiting fluid flow. It would be nice to think the solution is changing foot wear. Or slept on your right side so the fluid couldn't move as well from there as the left foot.

There is actually advice to sleep on your left side so the kidneys don't have to strain so hard. I'd like to not have to worry about it. If you put your feet up and the right foot is still swollen, this could mean there's a blood clot in the leg, especially if there's pain in the leg. That would be a headache. If you have the swelling with a headache that won't go away, then we're back to preeclampsia. Ditto if you have chest pains and trouble breathing. While they say having a baby takes your breath away, no one mentioned that.

Home Remedies for Swelling Feet During Pregnancy

What are some home remedies for swelling feet during pregnancy What can I do about my aching feet You need to put your feet up. No kidding. Trying to work while pregnant is wearing me out. No, really, put your feet up. That will cause the fluid accumulating in your feet to drain back into the rest of your body. That make it sound like a matter of hydraulics. In a way, it is. You also need to cut back on the salt so your body doesn't retain as much water.

Should I try diuretics That works when I had bloating and PMS. No! Don't use diuretics when you are pregnant. I hate how my legs are getting swollen and misshapen. If one leg is more swollen than the other, that might be a sign of a blood clot. In that case, you need to see a doctor. I heard it could be a sign of preeclampsia Sudden swelling is, yes. And preeclampsia is life threatening. I knew a girl who had to have the baby early because of it. That's the only solution when preeclampsia hits hard, ending the pregnancy. I hope she.

At least got to take the baby home. Why wouldn't she If it is starts and isn't slowed down early in a pregnancy, you could have the baby too soon for it to live outside of your body or a miscarriage. I think this is a symptom of something more benign. Yeah, pregnancy. Around half of all women get swelling of the ankles. When is it something more serious If you have red streaks in the legs, it means there is an infection. If the swollen area looks bruised, you may have prenatal diabetes so bad it is affecting the circulation.

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Why Is My Right Foot Swollen During Pregnancy?.Why is my right foot swollen during pregnancy Many women start retaining fluid during pregnancy, and water flows downhill. What do you do about swollen feet..

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