Girlfriend Laxative Cookie Prank!!

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Bee Vlog #110 - June 29, 2013 - Part 2: Quilt Boxes &Top Entrances.Ive been wanting to install quilt boxes on my hives for a while now, but never found or created a design I liked.until now. One of the common problems I was..

Harvest Honey From Beehive Cheap Easy Way.Getting honey without an extractor..

Quick And Easy HomeMade Chips | November 7th 2015 | DNVlogsLife.Kid Friendly Stuffed Biscuits swatchv0IkvMo6NTUc B l o g discoveringnatural N a t u r a l H a i r..

Preparing A Honey Bee Hive For Fall Or Winter.I share how I am preparing my honey bee hive for fall. I have one hive that I dont think has enough honey stores in its brood box. I remove the queen excluders..

Adding The Wax Foundation For My Bee Hives.Adding The Wax Foundation For My Bee Hives Honey Supers..


DIRTY FRAMESCLEANING THEM,useing bleach to clean up dirty frames..

Beekeeping 2015 Bee Yard After Big Rain.Rained Friday night about 3 inches. Some of bee yard under water. Need to put down more wood chips to help..

Who Eats Healthy - The Lempert Report.The Lempert Report Food News Marketing, analysis, issues trends and the impact on food and retail environments, specifically for the B2B food world with..

Our First Bee Hive.This is our homemade bee hive that we made out of a plastic barrel. Our friend who is a bee keeper gave us a swarm from one of his hives. This is the swarm..

Honey Bees Clean My Workbench And Tools.After I extract honey from honeycomb frames in one of my bees supers, there is always honey and wax residue on the frames and on my tools, bucket,..

Lil Kleine &Ronnie Flex - Drank &Drugs (prod. Jack $hirak) - #NewWave.Lil Kleine Ronnie Flex Drank Drugs prod. Jack Chiraq is afkomstig van het New Wave album. iTunes inewwave Spotify..

Charlie The Mooch: 2 Year Old Stealing Chips From The Neighbors At The Pool..

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