Caging A Queen Bee

This is a plastic queen cage. What's special about these cages is a few different things. First of all, you have a solid area up here that's not vented. The queen can move to this side if she feels threatened, and she's protected from anything on the outside. It's got vented areas all the way the other end. It's also got an area where you can break this out and the queen can't escape but other bees can get in. To open this up its got two holes, this one is.

Capped, this is where you put your candy. Open this small lid and this one flips open and opens it all the way. Makes it easier to throw the queen in there and then close this. Plastic queen cage. Now I am going to go to the bee yard and we are going to throw a queen in one of these cages. You see the queen, she's right here. We are going to place her in this cage. We got her in there, going to give her a couple more attendances. Sometimes they can be a little tricky to get ahold of. You want to be careful.

How to Bathe a Baby How to Prevent Rashes on Babies

Hi, this is Liz Hood with Aiden Hood here and I am going to be talking about different rash prone areas to make sure that you pay special attention to while giving a baby a bath. Now, Aiden here is seven and a half months now so he's really filled out nicely with some baby fat, but back when he was about one month old, back when he first stared getting real baths, his little armpits were really deep and I had to make sure to take extra care of them. To soap them up all the way down in there and rinse out really good and.

Make absolute sure that I got that area dry. Now, another rash prone area for babies is just like this, there is a crease underneath the chin all along the neck and that area can get pretty gross as well if you don't pay special attention to it. You know spit up and formula or breast milk kind of dribbles down in there and gets stuck and it can get real nasty if you don't make sure to keep that area clean and dry. Also, there is a lot of creases right in here that can fill up with bacteria from being inside of this.

Diaper all day and during a bath you need to take extra care with that area as well. Make sure that you soap it up really good, down in to the crease, hold open the crease while you rinse out and take extra care to pat dry inside the crease as well when you are done. If you do all that you will keep your baby rash free. Another thing that I do when I am done giving him a bath, especially the little armpit areas, back when they were almost always kind of red and irritated, is I would put a little bit of Aqua Four or just.

Why Does My Baby Have a Rash on Her Face

Why does my baby have a rash on her face It's as if she has acne, but I'm afraid it is something dangerous. Babies can have acne. It is a mild infection as their bodies are exposed to various pathogens and start to fight it. What if they are worse than mild pimples If your baby is having trouble breathing or digestive problems after eating a new food, it may be food allergies. What if she's been sick If there is a fever with the rash, it could be anything from the chicken pox to Fifth's.

Disease. What is Fifth's disease It was one of the five common childhood diseases. It was considered the fifth one, because kids usually got it around age five, though they could get it when they were in preschool. But I'm dealing with a baby. The odds of it being Fifth's disease go up if he or she could have gotten it from an older sibling. But if there is a high fever and sore throat, it could be something serious like scarlet fever. I'm pretty sure she's vaccinated against that. Your baby is in the process of getting vaccinated against major diseases. She might not have.

Gotten the vaccine yet or doesn't have full immunity yet. She doesn't have a high fever. Could it be something more benign Do you have bed bugs Do you have pets, and the baby could have been exposed to fleas When we tell the kids good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, I never meant literally. At least I know it isn't poison ivy like my preschooler had. If the older sibling has been in physical contact with the baby, or the baby laying down on clothes and blankets the older one was in, yes, the baby could have a reaction.

How Do I Know If Other Children in My Childs Class Have Been Immunized

Gtgt Hi, my name's Paul Offit. I'm talking to you today from the Vaccine Education Center here at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Recently there've been more outbreaks of vaccinepreventable diseases. In 2012, we had an outbreak of whopping cough that involved more than 40,000 children in the United States, and caused a number of them to be hospitalized, and some even to be killed by the bacteria. This year, 2015, we have a measles outbreak that looks like it's on pace to be twice that of the outbreak last year. And last year's outbreak of measles was the biggest we've.

Had in more than 20 years. Mumps now has made somewhat of a comeback in certain communities. So I think parents are starting to worry a little more that children who are not necessarily their children are catching and transmitting these potentially fatal infections. And for that reason, they've become interested in knowing whether when they send their child to a daycare center, or when they send their child to an elementary school, whether other children in that school are protected, are vaccinated. It's a reasonable question, especially for parents whose children can't be vaccinated. I mean, some children are receiving.

Chemotherapy for their cancers, or maintenance chemotherapy for their cancers. Some children are receiving, say steroids for their asthma, which makes it difficult for them to be effectively immunized. So they want to make sure that when they bring their child into a classroom, that at least their children are being protected in the herd. That they're able to know that those people around them are vaccinated and therefore making it much more difficult for the viruses or bacteria to get through all those other children, and then to their child.

The answer to the question, How can you know what the percentage of children in your class is immunized is generally you don't know. I mean, it's really very few elementary schools or daycare centers that publish their rates of immunization. But I think that would be a great idea, right I think it would be a great way of saying, Look we care about protecting children in this environment. And so we publish these rates. Certainly parents have the right to ask the question about how children are picked up at school, what are.

Poison Control

Small children love to explore, and one of the most dangerous areas of the home is any place we store poisons for cleaning, or other types of substances that we might use for other reasons. Make sure that, when children are in the house and able to get to those poisons, that we use certain procedures to lock up that drawer tight, so that they cannot get in there. Children drinking substances is only half the problem. Then trying to figure out what it is they consumed, and then how much in order to call poison control.

To figure out how to neutralize or to treat this patient is always a challenge. Now to prevent a child from getting into an area like that, that may have poisons in it, they do make locks that will help secure the cupboard doors. You can buy those, usually at any kind of baby supply store. But many times, you know, I always wished somebody would show me what to do today, if I don't have time to go out to a store. And I mean something as simple as a rubber band.

Can help prevent a child from being able to get into a cupboard. Just one more way to protect a child from getting in to poisonous substances. Treatments have changed a lot over the years in the area of first aid for poisonings. The best thing to do today is to have your poison control center placed in a real prominent location in your home so that you can access it right away, and then follow the directions of the poison control center. Now one thing that I like to have around, or see people have,.

Is something that you can get right at your local drug store. It's called activated charcoal. There's lots of different kinds, it doesn't really matter what type, or what flavor, to get. But it is always a good idea to have it on hand. It doesn't mean you'll use it every time. But to have it in your medicine cabinet available in case poison control asks you to use it if it's available is always a really good idea. One other point to cover, as we're talking about poisons, is the medicine cabinet.

It should be secured, just like we do for any other type of cabinet that might have poisons in it. The kicker with the medicines is that they sometimes look like candy, or they even are flavored to taste good for kids, and they don't know how to tell the difference between a medicine that helps them, and too much medicine that can hurt them, or even kill them. So as we look at medicine cabinets, use the same precautions as we did for the chemicals, and securing the cabinet closed, so that the child doesn't mistakenly poison themselves with an overdose.

AKH How to do a skin inspection Comment procder une inspection de la peau

So you need some things to check your skin properly. You need a welllit area. Usually standing by an open window might help, but you might not want to expose yourself to your neighbours. so just make sure you have a welllit bathroom or bedroom. And then you need a handheld mirror, as well as a regular mirror. A couple of chairs would be nice. A hairdryer, if possible, and a stool. So depending on your dermatologist you may need to check your skin every 3 months, or even as infrequently as every year.

Or every two years. How we're going to check our skin is just find a consistent method to check it on your body. So let's start with the head first. You need to check your scalp. It's easier if your hair is wet, it's easier to part. Sometimes if you forget that point you could always use a hairdryer at a cold setting, to take a look at all the little parts. Sometimes you can't see the sides or even the back, so this is very important to find a friend, a partner, a parent,.

A sibling, someone to help you check as well. So when you're checking the front of your body, you can look down. You can use a mirror as well to help you out. You're looking at your skin on the shoulder areas, the neck area, as well as the armpits, the side of your body, your chest, under your breast, and also the genital area. So let's check the back part of the body. What you would do is stand facing away from the mirror. Use the handheld, and look at the back of your body.

So you'd look at the back of your neck, your shoulders, your lower back, and then your buttocks. If this is really difficult to do, and really difficult to view in a handheld mirror, then you can ask a family member, or friend to help you check these areas. So looking at your arms, you would look down and check out your shoulder areas, your arms, elbows, forearms, down to your hands. You can look down, and check your arms this way, to the front of your arms here. You can spread your hands open.

And look at the palms, and the back of the hands. You can also look at your fingers and inbetween the web spaces, just to make sure that there's nothing there. So when you're looking at your legs you can sit down, and you can look at each leg individually. You can bend your legs, and then look at the inner part of your thighs. You look at your knee, your leg, and this is a great way to look at your ankle and at the bottom of your feet. Same thing, you can bend your leg this way to look.

You could also use a mirror to look at the front of your legs. If you want to look at the bottom of your sole, what might help if you're not able to see it, is use the handheld mirror again, and take a look at the bottom. Please don't forget to check inbetween your toes. So if there are any moles, or funnylooking spots that you're concerned about, sometimes it's really hard to remember. So the best way is actually taking a picture of that mole. What's helpful is actually using a ruler,.

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