(heavy piano roll) I’m Coyote Peterson. This is a mountain of fire ants. I think we all know where this is headed. Oh boy, here we go. Holy Cow, that’s a lot of stings already.

(groans) (fast percussive music) (sighs) All right, guys. So when I was in Arizona you saw me put my hands into a mound.

Of harvester ants, a species that both bites and stings. I lasted 60 seconds and took a lot of venom. (squeals in pain) Yeah, got stung already. (squeals in pain).

They’re all over my hands now, look at that. Today I’m in South Florida and right in front of me is a giant mound of fire ants. I’m sure you’re looking at this pile of dirt thinking to yourselves is that really an ant hill?.

Looks like no one’s home. I promise you, there are thousands of these fiery little ants beneath the surface. And the second that my hands disturb this dirt I’m going to be swarmed by these ornery little insects. Am I excited about this?.

Not really. Am I curious about what’s going to happen? Of course, and I know you guys are too. I think at this point I am ready to enter the strike zone with the fire ant. The red imported fire ant is native to South America.

Yet they have established populations in several places across the United States, including Florida. What makes these insects so dangerous is that their mounds camouflage into the environment, resembling nothing more than a pile of dirt. Stumble into one, and before you even realize.

What you have done, you are caught in the swarm. Now just like the harvester ant, the fire ant can bite and it can also sting. And they say that the sting of a fire ant feels like putting your hands into a ring of fire. Now before I actually go through with this,.

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