Nursing Home Residents Face Abuse and Infection With Feeding Tubes NY Attorney Brett Leitner

A nursing home resident's feeding tube dislodged. Hi. I'm Brett Leitner I'm an attorney with Parker Waichman. Let me tell you what happened. I was handling this case on behalf of a family who could no longer care for their mother at home. She was 89 years old, she had advanced dementia and she could no longer do her activities of daily living by herself. The family had to place her in the nursing home. Eventually, this woman needed a feeding tube because she could no longer eat by herself or feed herself. So the doctors inserted what.

They call a peg tube which is a tube that goes in through the belly area, through the abdominal wall, and into her stomach. Now it's very important to do certain things in order to maintain this tube to prevent risks such as infection. Number one is you must clean the area on the outside of the belly after every use in order to prevent infection on the outside of the body. You must also check what we call the patency or check the placements of the feeding tube on the inside of the stomach to make sure that.

That feeding tube has not dislodged into the abdominal wall. Because if it does and the feeding contents dislodge or go into the abdominal wall that can cause a massive infection. What happened in my case The feeding tube dislodged. It was our allegation that the nursing home caretakers did not check for the placement of the tube and my client sustained a massive infection what we can necrotizing fasciitis of the abdominal wall, which is also called flesheating bacteria within two weeks, my client was dead. We were able to secure.

2012 Breastfeeding Support English

Mom with baby WIC provided me with a breast pump. Thanks to WIC, I can return to work and still give my milk to my baby. Super Breastfeeding Support Mom WIC provides our family with healthy and delicious foods. Thanks to WIC, we can enjoy more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Super Healthy Foods Dad WIC showed us that eating and playing together brings us closer. Thanks to WIC, our family is stronger and more active. Super Supporting Healthy Families VO The Women, Infants, Children Program helps families throughout Oklahoma. Call now.

Nutrition Weight Loss Soy Formula Side Effects

My name is Christine Marquette and I am a registered dietitian with Austin Regional Clinic and I am going to talk to you about soy formula side effects. There are several different soy formulas available. Soy formulas specifically for infants and soy formulas for adults and now in either one typically the most common response is somebody who has an allergy. That is typically very easy to identify. They will either have hives or difficulty breathing. They may experience swelling. If this happens then definitely the soy formula needs to be discontinued. Some slightly more uncommon side effects that may happen but.

Are not actual allergies but may be along the lines of intolerances are things such as gas, bloating, stomach cramping. Occasionally infants may experience more severe reactions such as intestinal bleeding and that is a lot less common but again it is something that you need to be aware of and be on the look out for. Always check your infant's diapers to make sure there is nothing unusual going on there. Another thing to be aware of is that soy in some people can interfere with their thyroid function so that is another.

Thing to be very cautious with and you always want to keep an eye on your infant's growth, whether they are gaining weight appropriately, whether they are growing in length appropriately. Keep up with your pediatrician and make sure you notify your pediatrician if you notice any abnormalities with your infant. In an adult who may be using some type of soy formula, again if they have a history of some type of thyroid disease they will likely be better off by laying off of soy products because those can interfere with thyroid functions.

Should New Moms Take AntiDepressants

Antidepressants during pregnancy do not appear to influence baby growth in the first year. I'm Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. Deciding whether to take medication while pregnant can be a tough decision. It becomes tougher when the risks and benefits are not always clear, such as with mental health medications. However, no differences in size or growth were found among children born to women with and without depression, regardless of whether they were taking antidepressants. Ask your doctor whether your medication is safe to take while pregnant. For dailyRx TV, I'm Erin White.

Destinys Story

On June 22, 2011 my daughter Destiny, was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for a urinary tract infection. At the time, Destiny was 10 years old with a complicated medical history that consists of two balanced chromosomes, 4p and trisomy 10. She spent 82 days in the intensive care unit. On July 7th Destiny was diagnosed with Disseminated intravascular coagulation, which means she was at the end of her life. She went into sepsis shock, needing a few bags of red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma to clot her.

And stop her from bleeding out. On July 16th Destiny had a tracheotomy placed, which is a surgical hole that goes through the front of your neck and into your trachea or windpipe. The hole is made to help her breathe. During this time I was a student at Springfield College, working part time and raising my other two teenagers and keeping them busy. The only person that I could open my heart to was Karen Cassidy from the Thom Western Regional Consult Program. Karen and I talked, texted and she stopped by the hospital frequently for the 82 days.

That my daughter was admitted. There wasn't a day that Karen wouldn't talk to me about the Palliative Care Program. I refused to listen. I thought everyone was against me because the team at the intensive care unit was not in agreement with my decision to keep my daughter a full code. With Karen's promise that Melanie from the Palliative Care Program was not like everyone else and would be a great person to put on my team, I finally decided to talk to Melanie. I remember the first time Melanie and I met that was in my.

Living room. Destiny was on her mat on the floor, smiling. I was quiet and nervous. I did not know if she was going to be like everyone else because she is a nurse or if she was going to have empathy for me. I asked her tell me about her program and she said, Palliative Care alleviates pain and suffering and it can also extend life, but it does not cure the illness. The term 'palliative care' refers to pain control and symptom management and other comfort measures given to the patient. It is given by medical, nursing and other staff with special.

Skills to ensure to improve quality of life for both patients and their families. I was informed that my daughter was going through withdrawal from all of the narcotics she had while she was in the hospital. No one was able to help me with a steady dose until Melanie stepped in and said, this is my job, I will get back to you before the end of the day. She called me and gave me the revised dosage. I cannot express how happy I was to have given Palliative Care and Melanie a chance to be on my team. I can sleep better, I don't.

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