Urticaria is a skin discomfort you scratch and scratch on the skin until blood comes out and then some secondary infections are created how to get rid of it? first we have to ºunderstand that hives occurs by excess acids in the body I don’t eat any acid and have urticaria Acidity in the body is produced by what we eat what we thought and so we do or we fail to reject, means.

If our diet is based mainly on meat, milk, eggs and dairy alcohol, coffee and colas drinks Acidity is provided in the body and kidneys and liver are forced to work overtime as my boss says, you have to work overtime because this request must be delivered and must be submited, if not, what would say customers? what will foreign nations say?.

Precisely the stress is one of the causes of hives because it also produces acidity in the body although we may eat angels we will defecate demons changing the style of life is one of the most important remedies for hives change jobs, change the stress for relaxation change unhappiness for happiness I want this.

Change the air conditioning for fresh air change soda and cola for clean water change the meat egg milk for fresh fruits and vegetables my friend told me that there was scientific reports about a change of mother in law produces a spontaneous cure of the urticaria when one is under the attack of hives Avoid chlorinated water.

Both taken as that used in the bathroom, I mean in the shower also completely avoid, temporarily of course Shampoos and soaps take capsules or drops of mother tincture of milk thistle It will help to your liver to get rid of excess acid in the body They can also be helpful plants containing the antihistamine substances antihistamines? not these exist only in tablets.

Of course not there are many plants that contain antihistamine substances basil, dill carrot and black o green tea you can make such a cold compresses from tea and put them on the places affected by hives this will have a calming effect, and will also calm the itching, burning and stinging.

The much used chamomile, chamomile or chamomille or how you call it actually has very little effect compared to tea that has 16 antihistamines metabolites Chamomilla has only 13 if you liked the tutorial ponle click recommend it to whom could help he(him in hisher life also sign up for my course herbalist online ie you can study from home.

How To Treat Hives Urticaria Treatments

Hi, my name is Molly. This tutorial covers how to treat hives. Hives are welts or wheals raised red bumps on the skin. And they’re itchy. Yes, that does look like hives. The medical term for hives is urticaria. That’s spelt URTICARIA. Urticaria. Which is Latin for the sting of a nettle. Just in case you needed to know. But most people call them hives. In most cases, hives are harmless but may sometimes be a symptom of something more serious. So if you’ve had any changes in your skin, it’s always advisable to see your .

In severe cases hives can obstruct breathing, which is a medical emergency. However, in most cases they are a harmless but bothersome condition. The hives appear and disappear quickly, usually within a few hours. And they itch a lot. Fortunately they leave no mark on the skin. Unless you scratch at them. So don’t scratch. So how do you treat them? In most cases the standard treatment is with antihistamines. Now, there are various types of antihistamines, some of which make you drowsy. These are the ones you want to take at night.

The new non sedating antihistamines may be taken during the day. You may also need to take more than one type of antihistamine to provide relief. Or take several in combination. There isn’t one best antihistamine that works for everyone. Antihistamines can be purchased over the counter, although stronger ones need a prescription. For them to work, they need to be taken daily as their action is to prevent hives. Antihistamines don’t cure hives, by the way, they only ease the symptoms. Use only the minimum dose to control your hives. Just enough for relief.

Applying a frozen washcloth to the affected area may provide relief. But taking aspirin won’t. As aspirin may worsen the hives. Home remedies for hives include nettle tea, Vitamin D and E, and aloe vera. To read more about how to treat hives, types of antihistamines and home remedies for hives, just click the blue link just below this tutorial. Thanks for watching. And good luck with your treatment. I wish you health, beautiful clear skin and a happy smile.

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