I have to assume that meetings between andrew and toby went something like this: Andrew: Hey, Animation Gremlin! Toby: It’s Toby, sire. Animation Gremlin, how’s that huge fight scene going? It’s almost complete. OOkay, well, can you change the purple machete into a green chainsaw?.

i feel like green chainsaws are really in with the kids right now. II’d have to reanimate the whole thing, sire! It could take days, weeks or We need to get that fight up and out the door. Tumblr’s getting really angry and drawing all sorts of weird porn to compensate for how much I’m blueballing them right now. Wwell, how soon do you want it? Uh. Tomorrow at 3.

iii don’t think it can be done! I have to redo all the tweening and come up with a new concept art for this chainsaw I’m hearing a lot of excuse and not a lot of solutions~ II’m sorry, sire. Just get it done. Sir! Wait! I’m very hungry!.

I Dont Know Anything About Homestuck Rev Vinesauce

Homestuck has destroyed more lives than weed ever has. While weed might make you do something like this: So I was thinking man what if God is a chick? I mean, it says ‘he’ in the Bible but a bunch of old dudes were the only people writing back in the day so what’s to say some of those old dudes weren’t just writing whatever shit.

They wanted god to say? long bong rip I mean, ‘he’ or ‘she’, man. Don’t forget God could totally be a ‘she’. Coughing She. uh. totally. made Go . man fallable,.

Some. some old dudes could totally have done that but she didn’t make the devil have free will so what if Satan’s just God’s best disciple, and was just doing his job, man? What if. what if, man? Bong rip I mean, why did God make the devil so much stronger than a man.

If she didn’t intend for his influence to change what we think, man? I’m just saying. and maybe what we think is just cause the devil IT’S A BOY! Dude, what? No man, we already went over this, sshe’s a she. Homestuck will make you do this:.

Hey, baby. lemme tell you about *snap* homestuck. Trust me when I say that joke looked a lot better in my script. The point is that you can be a somewhat functional human being while high.

Though homestuck makes basic tasks almost impossible. People have complained in the past that I make these tutorials without looking at the source content at all and I’m an asshole who’s just shitting on things that other people like without giving it a fair chance. True. Although, I’m not going to rag on Homestuck this entire time.

Because much like everything else in this series I haven’t really experienced it much firsthand. I loved MS Paint Adventures probably because I love stupid comedy and noir fiction and because i got into it right when Andrew Hussie started it. I loved the interactivity with his fanbase and I loved the tangential spins that it would go on.

Makes sense, however, that at both the end of ms paint adventures and the entirety of homestuck he would take full control over the comic allowing him to have full creative control over what he felt like was the best idea for the story. I heard about Homestuck the way most people have through a friend telling me it existed,.

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