Home Remedies for Hydrocele II II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Satya Bharta Mohanty. He had emailed us and wrote us that he is having problem of Hydrocele and asking for the home remedy for this. Mr, Satyabharta first of all we need to know that what is Hydrocele If i try to explain you in a very simple language then it is kind of birth defect Where a passage way get occurred in between of your Abdominal and Testicles Area. With this reason liquid gets stored in your testicles area and your scrotum gets enlarged.

As far as you are not having problem while walking till them it doesn't have any bad effects For this you do one remedy, and you will get so much of relief in Hydrocele What you have to do, Take a big Tub where you lower body can swallow in it Whenever you go for bath take Luke warm water and ad 23 spoon of Rock salt and mix it well And sit in that water and you will notice that you are getting relief in Hydrocele Aprt formt his one more remedy you can do.

Take 810 leaves of Neem Margosa, boil it into somewater And once the water is not so hot,, or Like warm then take enema with it Even then you will feel relief Apart from that sun bath also gives relief, for this when the sun rise If you take sun bath in front of sun for 510 minutes ,without any wearing any cloth them you will also get relief in Hydrocele Apart from this Juice Of Aloevera Gooseberry Mix both of them and consume them, with this also you will feel relief in Hydrocele.

Apart from this one more item will help you in Hydrocele, that is Wheat Grass Juice if you will take 100 ml juice of Wheat grass twice a day empty stomach then you will feel relief in Hydrocele. One more remedy i will tell you, Bone of our ears you have to press the upper bone of ear, both the ears and then you have to get up and sit in bending the knee positions and repeat it again and again and as well as press the ears also. if you will do this 1520 times then you will notice that you will get relief in the problem of Hyrrocele.

Apart from this one more remedy you can do, take 1 bowl of Carrot in your breakfast Peel the carrot and grate it and consume it with 1 cup of water you will get relief in Hydrocole Use boil vegetables in you lunch as much as you can, seasonal vegetables must consumed in boiled form. And in dinner try to consume as much as of Salad. Just do all these remedies for 1520 days and you will notice that you getting relief in Hydrocele So, Isn't it all the remedies were easy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,Busy,carefree and be with us.

Home Remedies for Swelling Feet During Pregnancy

What are some home remedies for swelling feet during pregnancy What can I do about my aching feet You need to put your feet up. No kidding. Trying to work while pregnant is wearing me out. No, really, put your feet up. That will cause the fluid accumulating in your feet to drain back into the rest of your body. That make it sound like a matter of hydraulics. In a way, it is. You also need to cut back on the salt so your body doesn't retain as much water.

Should I try diuretics That works when I had bloating and PMS. No! Don't use diuretics when you are pregnant. I hate how my legs are getting swollen and misshapen. If one leg is more swollen than the other, that might be a sign of a blood clot. In that case, you need to see a doctor. I heard it could be a sign of preeclampsia Sudden swelling is, yes. And preeclampsia is life threatening. I knew a girl who had to have the baby early because of it. That's the only solution when preeclampsia hits hard, ending the pregnancy. I hope she.

At least got to take the baby home. Why wouldn't she If it is starts and isn't slowed down early in a pregnancy, you could have the baby too soon for it to live outside of your body or a miscarriage. I think this is a symptom of something more benign. Yeah, pregnancy. Around half of all women get swelling of the ankles. When is it something more serious If you have red streaks in the legs, it means there is an infection. If the swollen area looks bruised, you may have prenatal diabetes so bad it is affecting the circulation.

Home Remedy For Gums Problems II

Welcome to health care to home Today we are talking about the problems of gums. See, gums have various types of problem like bleeding they get swelled and due to that their grip on teeth become loose and tooth fall happen. If your teeth are moving due to non proper grip of gums so, let me tell you an easy remedy for that what you have to do is take 1 spoon of mustard oil And add 12 spoon of rock salt in it if you don't have rock salt then even adding normal salt will suffice the work.

Take this in your palm and mix it thoroughly after mixing , you have to massage it on your gums in morning once you wake up thoroughly massage , the way you do brushing similarly massage it nicely and afterwards gargle with water you will notice that within 23 days your loose teeth will stop moving and you will feel it that the grip of the gums are back in firm on the teeth if your gums are bleeding then then what you have to do is just add a pinch of turmeric in the mixture of salt mustard oil.

Turmeric contains antibacterial properties and bleeding occurs due to bacteria only. so, bleeding will be stop and as i said teeth will be gripped by the gums if your gums are swollen and even bad breath is there then what you have to do is Take 1 glass of warm water and add 1 spoon of baking soda in it Mix it nicely and you have to gargle with it By doing gargle will solve the problem of swollen gums and in case you have bad breath due to bleeding then that also will be vanished.

Along with this take honey turmeric. Mix 1 spoon of honey in 14 spoon of turmeric If you massage your bleeding gums with this then that will be vanished and in case your gums are swelled then that also be vanished. And in case your teeth are moving to fall then that will also be stop And in case you have any bacteria in your mouth then that also be vanished with this. Because turmeric honey both have antibacterial properties. so its natural method. Yes, take care of one thing. If possible then you should consume margosa stick twice a time in a weak.

Margosa has such qualities which kills any type of bacteria inside the mouth So, if you will consume margosa stick twice a time in weak then your teeth gums will be healthy And the problem of bleeding gums will be solved Along with this let me tell you an another remedy Take 2 spoon of sunflower oil and gargle it thoroughly Keep moving in your mouth till the time your mouth is full with it And once this mixture turn white then spit it out Make sure that you don't swallow this , spit it and after that.

And then clean your mouth gently with water With this process your all the problems related to gums and teeth will be solved Problem of bleeding gums will be vanished as well In case you have pain in teeth that also will be controlled In case your gums have swollen then that will be cured Along with this an another remedy can be done, take mint leaves and let them dry. Once they are dry then make its powder then massage your gums with this powder So with this your gums will be healthy.

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