Melipona! The Smallest Bee in the world! Amazing Thailand Beehive tour Chanthaburi

This is a Melapona Bee Hive The smallest Bees in the world, come take a look, I use a water sprayer to mist to keep the bees from getting upset. okay let's take a look inside see if we can see something they have adult eggs and they have small eggs. Lets see what we can see. and there's a the pollen sacs and the honey on the right side here the eggs on the left side The light colored ones a younger eggs. Let see if we see the queen.

Honey Bees Time to Add Super How to tell when they are making honey DIY

Alright today we're checking out the hive the safest I'm bad on another super are almost in the third week in May here in western Pennsylvania now when I initially opened the top here it was covered in bees on the for super I don't know if you can see it but they are put honey in there nice and shiny lotta these in this top super so we're gonna go ahead in this ad on another one that's about the time you want to add on your second Super and that set to go ahead and keep making honey for me.

The Gurung Honey Hunters Culture Planet Doc Full Documentaries

The Gurung tribe makes its home in a deep valley at the foot of the southern face of the Annapurna peaks. There are no roads here and no pretensions the villages are connected only by footpaths. Nobody knows the origin of this tribe. They have East Asian features and have earned a welldeserved fame as warriors. Traditionally they've grown their food, but deforestation has so impoverished the land that they've had to take up some older ways in order to survive. I'm going to learn to build a flexible ladder to collect wild honey.

We're at the cliff of 300 beehives I'm not sure which I prefer The first harvest is after the full moon in May. Each member of the group has a task that's been passed down from father to son. Only nine people can collect the honey. It's an inherited right but a dangerous task Once the ladder is lowered down the cliff, a handful of burning leaves is put in place. This is essential. The rising smoke will drive the bees away from the honeycomb. Let's get to work. His only protection is a mosquito veil over his head,.

Once he's directly in front of the colonies, he begins to work with a long pole. In the meantime the helpers remain as still as statues. With his pole he stabilizes two ropes dropped down from above in order to catch the honeycomb and prevent it from falling to the river below. With a blade on the end of the pole he carefully cuts off the upper part of the comb, which contains larvae and wax. Once the comb is divided, the honey must be collected. This isn't easy A basket is placed under the part of the comb that's still attached to the cliff wall.

Caging A Queen Bee

This is a plastic queen cage. What's special about these cages is a few different things. First of all, you have a solid area up here that's not vented. The queen can move to this side if she feels threatened, and she's protected from anything on the outside. It's got vented areas all the way the other end. It's also got an area where you can break this out and the queen can't escape but other bees can get in. To open this up its got two holes, this one is.

Capped, this is where you put your candy. Open this small lid and this one flips open and opens it all the way. Makes it easier to throw the queen in there and then close this. Plastic queen cage. Now I am going to go to the bee yard and we are going to throw a queen in one of these cages. You see the queen, she's right here. We are going to place her in this cage. We got her in there, going to give her a couple more attendances. Sometimes they can be a little tricky to get ahold of. You want to be careful.

Building a Nuc from a beehive Splitting a Beehive

It's a smaller space so that the bees don't have to take care of a lot of space. you're going to try to get them to make another queen in here. you're going to put a whole beehive in here. they're going to make a queen and then once the queen has flown out and mated and everything. you're going to put the hive into a real beehive. a real bee box. you probably want about 3 frames of brood another frame of honey with a little bit of brood a little.

My Hive Tool A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping

My Hive Tool A Comprehensive guide to beekeeping You have been hearing a lot about Honey Bees lately and you thought I want to keep bees, but where do I start. Well you could spend months reading and researching. But why My hive Tool is the combination of years of experience and research in a handson, howto approach to beekeeping. My Hive Tool presents the beginner beekeeper with the needed beekeeping tools, equipment and techniques to successfully keep bees. In My hive Tool we follow three hives through their first year, starting with the ordering.

Of two packages of bees and a nucleus hive. Follow stepbystep as those hives grow into fullsize colonies. Learn what to do and when to do it. Even experienced beekeepers encounter problems this tutorial shows you those problems and their solutions. Disk 1 covers Honey Bee Anatomy and Basic Honey Bee Biology In Disk 2 we will build Hive Furniture go over Beekeeping Tools, Protective Clothing and Bee Stings. Then we will install our Package Bees and Nucleus Hive or Nuc. We then follow each hive's seasonal growth and development from new packages and nuc.

Each seasonal hive management section is followed by Step by Step reviews and Problems and Solutions. In Disk 3 we cover the most common Pests, Diseases and Treatments. Disk 3 holds an Extras folder. In the extras folder there is a spread sheet to help you keep records as well as a digital copy of My Hive Tool for your tablet or smart phone. Disk 4 Details and Extras. On the this disk we detail mixing feed and medication. Extras include information and cost saving tips and techniques on home made equipment.

Honey Bees For Sale How To Make Honey Bee Splits

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