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Adult acne continues to increase and become more common. Other episodes of DermTV have discussed what causes adult acne and how to prevent it. Today, I'll tell you how to treat it because it's a little different from how you treat teen acne. Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. According to a study presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in 2012, more and more female adults are getting acne. The statistics are alarming 45 of women in their 20's, 26 in their 30's, and 12 in their 40's. And in fact, from my experience,.

I would have thought the percent in the 40's is even higher, where these women also have the unfortunate double whammy of pimples meeting wrinkles! Lets start with washing you still need to wash twice a day, even though you're not as oily as you used to be. Most acne cleansers are designed for teenage oil and water, where the skin is very oily and not dry. However, as you get older, your facial skin tends to get drier from accumulated sun damage and simply from the aging process. So adult acne with less oily and more dry skin requires milder cleansers.

And alcohol free toners. Cleansing needs to be gentle, so don't use a wash cloth. Yes, in theory the cloth can help with some physical exfoliation, but for better exfoliation, use a chemical exfoliant like glycolic or even salicylic, so use your hands when washing your face. And also make sure the water is warm, not hot, to avoid over drying already dry skin. Next, since our hair also dries out as we age, conditioner becomes more important after shampooing. But make sure to thoroughly rinse your forehead afterwards so your conditioner doesn't coat your skin and cause breakouts.

For spot treatment of blemishes, not only are you dealing with dryer skin, but since adult acne often affects the jaw line and top of your neck, more sensitive skin areas than mid and upper face as in teen acne, for spot treatments try 1 salicylic products instead of 2, and 2.5 benzoyl peroxides instead of more drying 5 or 10. While prescription topical antibiotics are great, make sure yours isn't a combination antibiotic with a retinoid like tretinoin more commonly known by the brand name RetinA. Retinoids can very easily irritate these areas.

Acne Oral Antibiotics in Acne Treatment

Patients are often surprised that the antibiotics that we use are really not used as antibioticsacne is not an infection. You can't pass on acne from one person to another. So yes, the antibiotics that we use may indeed suppress and they do reduce the bacteria called P. Acnes. It doesn't seem to be the main part of how they work. The antibiotics that we use are also antiinflammatories. They reduce the ability of white cells to get into the skin. They reduce the inflammatory part of acne. It's important to know that they work in two ways The antiinflammatory and maybe some of it is antibacterial.

They act slowly. The response to these is not as if you had a sore throat from strep, and you take an antibiotic for a week, you kill off the bacteria and that's it. In acne, they work very slowlyyou expect maybe a 50 improvement in the number of inflammatory spots that you have less pimples and pustulesmaybe 50 over 12 weeks which is very slow. The philosophy, I think has changed from 20 years ago. Individuals were put on antibiotics such as tetracycline for a very long time. We are now living in a world of antibiotic resistance, and there is an awareness that maybe.

It's not such a smart thing to use these antibiotics for a very long time. There is a concern about antibiotic resistance not just to bacteria in the skin but bacteria in the gut and transferring resistance to other organisms. I think the approach of many including myself, is to use the oral antibiotics for as short a time as possible to try and reduce the amount of inflammation, get improvement in the acne as quickly as you can. It help complicanceeven if it responds quickly, it's a long time. We use antibiotics for 2 or 3 months, and then hope.

That topical medications that we have can keep the acne down after the initial dose of oral antibiotics. That's been an evolution in the way that we think about these antibiotics. It does appear that if you add a topical benzoyl peroxide wash on to the skin when you're on an oral antibiotic, it may reduce the selection of resistant organisms. Whenever you use an antibiotic or any drug for a long time, you always have to balance the advantages to the sideeffects. Various antibiotics have different types of sideeffects, different things that we have to consdier when prescribing them,.

How to Remove Pimple Spots II II By Priyanka Saini

Hello Firends Welcome to Priyanka's Beauty and masala mantra Today i am going to tell you about pimples Most of us in certain age have pimple problems and once this pimples are gone they leave spots behind and this spots are very awful and make look your face unattractive how to get rid of it i will show you a home remedy for it For that we need one grated potato one spoon grated cucumber once spoon lemon juice and one spoon Gram flour Besan we have took potato because it has the ability to reduce the spots dark circle from your face.

Do At Home Acne Scar Treatments Work DermTV Epi 458

If you have scars etched in your face left behind by acne from years ago, I'll bet you've tried a bunch of different products and treatments to fix them. And if you, like most people, were disappointed with the results, I'll tell you why, and more importantly, what to do. Stay tuned! Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. Not a day goes by without a viewer question or patient visit about acne scars. By acne scars, Im referring specifically to skin colored holes or depressions left in your skin by old acne lesions months or years earlier.

Technically, these are called atrophic scars because there has been a loss of volume of the dermal or middle layer of skin And it's that loss of volume, or atrophy, which causes the depression or hole. This refers to all three types of atrophic acne scars ice pick box car and rolling. All are caused by the surface of your skin literally sinking in, in different shapes, from loss of the underlying dermis caused by the destructive force of extreme inflammation of severe acne cysts. Sadly there is no topical skincare product.

Or at home device that will significantly improve those scars, very simply, because at home stuff just can't cause the body to make enough new dermal tissue, whether its collagen, hyaluronic, GAG's, and so on to fill in the hole enough to raise the surface of the skin to make a meaningful difference. And even if they improve it 10, which frankly is very unlikely, all you'll probably see is the 90 they didn't help. So whether it's retinoids, dermarollers, microdermabrasion, silicone patches or even my revered glycolics, which all can do good things for many skin issues,.


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