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.and I ate this burrito and I think I got food poisoning That sucks, how long was the incubation period confused what Hey everyone, Trace here for DNews! My buddy Jared who runs the DNews social media pages got food poisoning today, so we thought we'd pull back the curtain on foodborne illness. People CALL it food poisoning, but the medical community call it foodborne illness, which makes sense. You're not being poisoned by food, but infected by something that's living on the food. Commonly, food poisoning is caused by bacteria, viruses, molds, toxins, parasites.

Or allergens. They range from the fairly well known, E. Coli and Salmonella to the far less known campylobacter, toxoplasma, listeria and clostridium perfringens clostridEum perfringeens. According to the FDA, most foodborne illnesses go away on their own and don't have lasting effects but there are those, like E. Coli O157H7 which can cause kidney failure and death if not treated properly. Not all e.coli is bad, by the way. Some e.coli is part of your natural gut bacteria! A number of things can result in food being poisoned or infected. Most often, according.

To the Mayo Clinic, food poisoning comes from food that's mishandled or not cooked properly. Maybe it's left under the warmer too long, not refrigerated properly, handled by a person who didn't wash their hands, or touched a surface that wasn't recently cleaned. Every contaminant has an ideal condition, and they vary from bacteria to virus. And though you might be thinking, YES! I was at that place around the corner and TOTALLY got it from there, you might be wrong. Some of these foodborne illnesses can strike days or weeks after exposure because it takes a while for the organism to replicate in your.

Body and strike this is the incubation period. The most common pathogens, C. Perfringens, Salmonella and the Norovirus have short incubation periods ranging from 672 hours. All three cause diarrhea, but while salmonella and norovirus ALSO cause vomiting, c. perfringens doesn't! E.coli and campylobacter incubate for several days before striking and both result in severe diarrhea containing blood, and vomiting. Toxoplasma can incubate for weeks and produce no symptoms at all, and listeria can live in your body from three to SEVENTY DAYS before showing flulike symptoms! You could eat something.

Two weeks before Halloween and not feel it til Christmas! Some cases of food poisoning or food borne illness are even mistaken for the flu, because people can't remember when they ate at that dodgy deli. And again, most of the time, you'll just get better on your own, thanks to the immune system. But you won't feel awesome. These diseases cause diarrhea because they're inhibiting your body from absorbing nutrients and water OR they're causing MORE water to be added into the bowel. This means your body has to pass all that stuff out of your digestive system, and in a hurry.

If you're nerds, like us, you can look up your symptoms on foodsafety.gov and know what you got, how long you've had it, and what probably caused it! It's, like, really nerdy. Also drink lots of water, but NOT caffeine or dairy because your stomach is already irritated, those will make it worse. Make sure you consume some broth or electrolyte drink to keep some nutrients flowing too. And, speaking of flow, DON'T try and stop the flow out yer butt with antidiarrhea meds. You're body's doing it on purpose, you'll.

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Knowing food allergy symptoms and risks can help keep people safe when food allergy strikes. I'm Erin White and this is a dailyRx Feature. Only eight different items account for 90 percent of all allergic reactions to food, including milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts among other foods. Less severe symptoms may include rashes, small hives and itchy mouth. As symptoms increase in severity, vomiting, diarrhea and trouble breathing, among other symptoms, may occur. The mainstay rule of managing a food allergy is avoiding consumption of the allergen. Reading ingredient labels.


There is an Ebola virus outbreak in west Africa affecting mainly 4 countries Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. It all started in March of 2014. This is the largest outbreak since the Ebola was first discovered in 1976. This is James, and this is an Ebola virus belonging to the virus family Filovirus. The Ebola virus infects a monkey and a bat. These animals come in contact with James when he is in Liberia for a business trip. He gets infected with the Ebola virus. But he does not notice that he have been infected, since the incubation period, the time between exposure.

And symptoms are about 510 days. This is really scary, because now James fly home home to his wife, and infects her too, through skin contact, kissing, sex, touching the same things in their home, and even by breathing the same air. She in turn visits her friends, who gets infected too and so on. An Ebola outbreak happens in this country too. After about 5 days, James skin starts to appear red due to bleeding under his skin, also called hemorrhage, or more specifically, small petechiae or larger Ecchymosis and maculopapular rash.

He develops pharyngitis, fever, problems breathing, coughing, chest pain, and muscle pain, called myalgia. James also develops liver problems like Jaundice, and his lymph nodes gets infected and enlarged, called lymphadenopathy. Then he develops abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. His eyes turn red because of conjunctival infection, and he is more sensitive to light, called photophobia. James develop headache, delirium which is a disturbed state of mind, then he develops stupor which is a state of near unconsciousness, and lastly he enters coma, which is a state of deep unconsciousness.

2590 of people who get infected die, and the average is about 50. James died unfortunately because of multiple organ failure. His wife got sick too, but she recovered luckily after about 2 weeks. Half of her friends died, and half survived. The half that survived got complications which prolonged their recovery to much more than 2 weeks. The complications were recurrent hepatitis, transverse myelitis, uveitis and orchitis. How can we prevent this disaster from happening As soon as we suspect anybody having Ebola based on these symptoms, or based on having friends that have the disease we immediately.

Need to call for doctors. Doctors will diagnose each case based on symptoms, blood tests and laboratory techniques like Enzymelinked immunosorbent blood assay, also called ELISA. Polymerase chain reaction, also called PCR can be used. But the gold standard method of detection is Electron microscopy. Now that we know that it really is Ebola virus, what do we do next You would probably guess, treat the person. But we don't have any treatment available. So what can we do then We can only give supportive care and the most important action is prevention! We have to prevent the persons who are already infected.

Toxic Shock Syndrome Information What Are the Symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome

Hi, I'm Dr. Savage. I'm here to discuss symptoms of toxic shock syndrome. Now, the toxic shock syndrome it happens because of exposure to toxins of certain bacterias. They can be from a foreign object exposing the body, or from an infection in which these bacteria are secreting toxins into the body. This is a very serious condition, it's very life threatening. It potentially can cause multiorgan system failure so it can affect any of the organs in the body. With that said, the most common symptoms include fever, low blood pressure, and skin.

Manifestations, most commonly being different types of rash. Other things it can affect the GI system, which manifests as diffuse diarrhea, among other things. It can affect, it can affect the brain and cause encephalopathy. This is, this manifests as confusion, irritability, or even seizure activity. You can have heart failure, kidney failure. Some of these present as swelling. You can have chest pain, palpitations. You could have decease in urine output, blood in the urine basically, anything that shows signs of organ failure. Hence, if there's any question if you or anyone else that you know has this seek medical attention immediately.

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