Blood Disorders Treatment Options a Conversation With Dr. Aric Parnes

Hematology and Blood Disorder Treatment. Hematology Conditions and Treatments. Dr. Anton Titov, MD Greetings from Boston! Today we are with Dr. Aric Parnes, who is Instructor at Harvard Medical School and Staff Hematologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and DanaFarber Cancer Institute, also in Boston. Dr. Parnes received his MD from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He did his residency in Internal Medicine at DartmouthHitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. He did fellowship in Hematology and Oncology at Yale New Haven Medical Center in Connecticut. He did another fellowship in Hematology at DanaFarber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Clinical and research interests of Dr. Parnes are in nonmalignant hematology, specifically in hemophilia, anemias, myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloproliferative disease and in thrombosis formation of blood clots in many diseases and pathologic states in the body. Dr. Parnes, thank you and welcome! Thank you. Dr. Anton Titov, MD Let's start with definitions. What medical problems are treated by specialists in nonmalignant hematology Dr. Aric Parnes, MD Hematology deals with problems with bleeding and problems with clotting. We deal with problems of abnormal blood count. White blood cell leukocyte count, red blood cell count erythrocytes could be high or low, platelets thrombocytes could be high or low.

Heart Attack Symptoms Heart Disease Factors

Who gets heart attacks And, in general you would think an elderly, overweight male who smokes, that suffers a heart attack, and collapses and dies. But, in actuality, any man, especially over the age of 40, any woman over the age of 50, and even younger and healthier people can suffer heart attacks. In general people who are sedentary, overweight, have a bad nutrition, and smoke, have a higher risk of suffering heart attack. Especially once they develop other medical problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. And the ones that have a family history of heart attacks. If, your mother and father,.

Why Do We Get Nosebleeds

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Norton Security. you might get a surprise one as a kid or an awful embarrassing ones as an adult. But what the heck causes nosebleeds Hey guys, Julia here for DNews 60 of the population will experience epistaxis EP EH STECK SIS or a nasal hemorrhage sometime in their life. They're embarrassing, messy, and fun fact in Japanese pop culture a sign of sexual arousal. So what happens when Mount Vesuvius erupts on your face Well , your nose is filled with.

Lots of blood vessels with only a thin membrane to protect them. Often this membrane gets torn or irritated. and boom, your face is dripping with blood. there's two kinds of nosebleeds, anterior and posterior. Anterior nosebleeds are in the part of your nose called Kiesselbach's triangle and are triggered by an irritation to the lower nasal septum, the thin membrane that separates your nostrils. Kids most often get this kind. I think they spend too much time digging for gold. More common in adults, posterior nosebleeds originate further back and higher up in the.

Nose, to where arteries are. Sometimes they can be severe enough to warrant medical attention. So how do you get them Well the nose is in a vulnerable place, so a bump or a punch might do some damage. Other than that common irritants include cold, high altitude, dry air. Anything that dries out your nose leaves the lower nasal septum vulnerable. A little scratch from a fingernail can start the blood gushing. Although. spontaneous nosebleeds might be a sign of hypertension or infection disease, or even more rarely Vitamin C deficiency,.

Anemia, or heart failure. Those are common causes, what about more strange ones you ask Recently it was reported that A scottish backpacker who had just come back from South Asia started to have frequent nosebleeds. After a few weeks, she went to see a doctor, who thought it wasn't serious and told her just to go home. Then one night, she felt the blood clot move. Upon closer inspection she saw something with ridges. A leech had lived in her nose for FOUR WEEKS. Another nasty nosebleed comes out of Saudi Arabia. A 22 year old man reportedly kept.

Getting nosebleeds on and off for about three years. When he finally went to the doctor, they discovered a tooth growing in his nasal cavity! So how do you stop a nosebleed Dr. Mary Pickett, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School says a pinch will do the trick and you should treat all nosebleeds like an anterior one. Pinch your nose halfway between the tip of the nose and the bridge. Lean forward so the blood doesn't drip down your throat. Hold tight for five minutes. If that doesn't.

Do the trick, repeat. On rare occasions you might need to go to the hospital. More complicated methods include cauterizing the blood vessel using silver nitrate. Researchers from Detroit Medical Center won an ig nobel prize in 2014 for using an old school approach. The award celebrates silly and surprising but practical research. The researchers couldn't stop a young girl's nose bleed with traditional methods so they tried salt pork. They say that there are some clotting factors in the pork. and the high level of salt will pull in a lot of fluid from the nose. Unfortunately this.

Top 10 Mouth Cancer Symptoms How Facts

Top 10 symptoms of Mouth Cancer Cancer is defined as tumor resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells that enters and cause damage to our body cells tissues. Oral cancer is where a tumor develops on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips or gum and it does not go away. Tumors can also occur in the salivary glands, tonsils and the part of the throat from your mouth to your windpipe but these are less common and they become dangerous if they were not treated at early stage. What are the symptoms of oral cancer.

The common and easily identical symptoms include 1. Inside the mouth area either on lips and gums there will be some kind of swelling, lumps, rough red spots. 2. White and red soft covering grows inside the mouth. 3. Mysterious blood flow in mouth area. 4. Inexplicable emotions, feelings lost, continuous pain in mouth or neck area. 5. Obstinate spots on mouth face and neck that flow blood easily and cannot heal easily within 14 days. 6. Person feels that something get jammed in the back of throat. 7. Person fells much pain and difficulty in speaking, eating or moving the jaws and tongue.

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Autonomic Nervous System Disorders Causes, Symptoms, Treatments More

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Blood Disorders Treatment Options - A Conversation With Dr. Aric Parnes.Hematology and blood disorder treatment tutorial interview with a top hematologist. What is nonmalignant hematology Top hematology expert discusses..

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