Will We Ever Cure HIV

Scientists may have developed gene therapy that effectively prevents AIDS. But HIV may have mutated to bypass the new defenses. Gah, HIV, you are such a piece of sh Hello viewers, I hope you're healthy and well out there, Julian here for DNews. Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute believe they are on track to a gene therapy that will effectively render most strains of HIV impotent. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus works by targeting CD4 T Cells, which are white blood cells that play a key role in your adaptive immune system that's the part that helps.

You fight infections. HIV latches onto them by grabbing onto the CD4 protein on the T cell's surface, and then clamping down on another receptor called CCR5. Once it's in position, it inserts its own RNA into the cell, tricking it into making more viruses. It basically turns the good guy cells into zombies. Once enough T Cells are turned, the infected person's immune system is compromised and vulnerable and they have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. Unfortunately no effective vaccine has been developed yet. The problem with retroviruses like HIV is they change and adapt quickly. It's like whackamole with the deadliest.

Mole ever. And of course there are many strands, so a vaccine against one strand probably won't be effective against others. Now though scientists think they're on to something. Dr. Michael Farzan and other researchers say they've created a tiny strand of DNA which, when injected into muscle tissue, stimulates the cells to synthesize a clawshaped protein. For proteins, shapes are everything, and this claw is HIV's worst nightmare. It's simple enough that even if the virus changes, it likely won't be able to shake the claw. The protein works by latching on to the CD4 and CCR5 binding sites on the virus, leaving.

It adrift and unable to latch on to T Cells. If it can't latch on, it can't replicate. Eventually it's broken down and disposed of harmlessly. This isn't just some flash in the test tube either. They've already been testing this on 4 monkeys by giving them the gene therapy and then injecting them with a strain of HIV for lab monkeys, called the SimianHuman Immunodeficiency Virus. After nearly a year, the Macaques are AOK. Now they're looking to treat infected monkeys to see if it can stop the virus from.

Replicating further. If that's a success, they're looking to begin human trials. Don't worry, they won't be injecting humans with HIV to test it, they'll be giving the protein and gene to those either with HIV or those at high risk. As always, nothing is guaranteed until it happens, but it looks promising. Of course, the world being what it is, researchers in Cuba believe they have found a new strain of HIV that skips the CCR5 bonding site and goes straight for the one known as CXCR4. Normally HIV transitions to the CXCR4 protein after years, during which time the host is.

Relatively healthy. Once it switches though the descent to AIDS begins. This new strand, which researchers believe is the combination of several other HIV subtypes, fast tracks AIDS leading to earlier death. It's no more infectious than its predecessors, but it might render this new treatment ineffective. So, one step forward and one step back But keeping things on the positive tip if scientists can keep that new strain from spreading, then we may have an effective treatment for all the other variants of HIV in the pipeline. One day HIV may be some terrifying disease.

That only exists in history books and memories, like polio is to our grandparents. I hope I'm around to see that day. While this isn't technically a vaccine, I'm sure the public will think of it as such and of course, there will be skeptics. Here to say once again that vaccines do not cause autism is Trace, because apparently that still needs to be said. check it out over here. What's your reaction to the news Hopeful Skeptical What are your reasons Let us know in the comments and I'll see you next time on DNews.

HIV Cure

Four years ago uh. man in berlin by the name of timothy ray brown that was treated with its yield on may relax transplants and see it was diagnosed as hiv before the bone marrow transplants but after the transplants doctors could not find any trace of hiv in his body so this is a huge story uh. but i do feel like we every once in awhile we do the stories about how we might have cure it it ready and then we gotta wait for a whole new set of test.

Which state years upon use a fine years nonetheless i don't wanna exciting to me muted because it looks like they got ladies and gentlemen we got hiv this is a really incredible story i'm actually amazing it's not getting any attention at all and of course people think that there's a conspiracy which i don't think it's too far fetched where the pharmaceutical companies don't want to cure for hiv there other have people spend a ton of money getting treatments for the rest of their lives that's you know.

I think it's plausible but what's interesting is this guy dot one bone marrow transplant up back in two thousand seven and the second one in two thousand a and that they couldn't find any trace of hiv in his body after that because the transplant paint from eight percent uh. who had a genetic mutation that makes his cells immunity hiv now damaging my another side to some talk show host so it's really hard to determine whether these make sense or not and every time we hear about the stories about how it you know they might have.

Actually tree chai beer or other things and in some ways but to me as a lay person the seems incredibly logical but they have a genetic mutation we might want a figure out how to do that and other people mind and i don't know how but by use of bone transplant work in this case now you can you won't respond i imagine in each case with that person that has a swedish in but scientific reserve way to reproduce that probably right so it seems to be really really good news and i'm not sure i'm.

You know by near a pharmaceutical of conspiracy but it's an interesting one now but uh. the reason is that it once you have something like this as of the things they make money off the no of course they can i don't think that they're going to go around the like ok all voluntarily won't do it now but if you have either send the conspiracy atm excellent sense because if you have a cure for something the person spends money on that care however much it cost and cheryl cost a lot.

But then that's a however if you have hiv eighty to treat it for the rest of your life well then they can put get more money out of you do when i get that and look soooo what do you know there's a great movie who killed the electric car it will come to me is the center wanna make sure that that would require design succeed so they go either way so some conspiracy is absolutely true right there was a is a conspiracy outlaw open and they go out to crush the electric car they do it.

Through their power they buy some of the uh. outlets and then just don't use them in satara companies the arianna that this is a zone lego set a whole documentary on a now in this case could there be evidence of them a farmer civil companies thinking look why make expand on a money are treating this thing so let me by the company that would curated and then take it out of business it could be we haven't seen evidence of it yet nestle right now the suspending it looks like.

HIV Treatment as Prevention

Over the last five years we've seen so many new developments and so many new tools that are now available to advance the fight against HIVAIDS. In particular we have really begun to understand the use of antiretrovirals, those are the drugs that are used to treat HIV, as effective tools to actually prevent HIV especially in those who are HIV negative. These drugs can be used in various different formulations as tablets for preexposure prophylaxis, or included in microbicides as vaginal microbicides to prevent the transmission of HIV to both men.

And women who are HIV negative. Another key use of antiretrovirals is our understanding that treatment of those who are HIV infected is perhaps one of the most effective and powerful tools to reduce the infectiousness of the HIV infected person which has benefits for their own health as well as helps to reduce the onward transmission of HIV by more than 95, and that's a tremendous reduction in the risk of onward transmission of HIV and again could be a very effective tool, not only in protecting the health of the individual,.

Personalized Treatments in HIVPrevention and Care

We do not want to separate prevention strategy from treatment strategy. And if we really hope to have a significant impact on the HIV epidemic in France and Canada, it is very important to combine prevention with enhanced screening and immediate treatment of infected people. I think we realized, with the ANRS Ipergay trial, that by being able to offer people at risk a new tool, other than the condom, to protect against HIV infection, we will spread the word that people at risk, who are infected but do not know it,.

I just do what I need to do. Start HIV Treatment Patrick

Intro Music Everyone's story of living with HIV is unique. My name is Patrick and I started my H.I.V. medication January 26, 2012, 830, Eastern Standard Time. So I take three pills a day for the most part and I went in to the doctor and I met with him and he said, you know, Today is the day. You want to make sure though before you start this that you're going to be committed to take this medications for the rest of your life. He was like, Are you ready It kind of took a moment, I'm like, This is different from.

Taking vitamins right, Doc And he's like, Absolutely. It's completely different. This is going to determine how long you live and your health. So it's important that the time that you choose is going to be the time that you're able to take this medications on time, that this is going to be a time that you're going to be willing to wake up or be prepared to take this medications and bear in mind that also you have to make sure that the strains of life in having to get to work and commute are not going to be barriers for you taking your medications.

So he was seriously really wanted me to pick a time that was convenient for me and for me it was 830 because I didn't have to be at work until 9. And I worked across the street for my job so I could easily eat, take my medication and by 845 be out the door walking towards work. So it was easy for me to choose that time and continues to decent, it works. So I started my medication and at first, you know, I has some really bad side.

Effect in regards to like diarrhea and weakness and stomach pains but those subsided over time. and so now I take my medication and unlike many other medications for individuals around that are older, I really don't have that many side effects. I think for me, I do have side effects when I'm not hydrating or I'm not really eating the right foods. That's when I really see the side effects really take hold, but for the most part, I just live a normal life. I take my medication on time at.

AIDS, HIV STDs Treatment Options for HIV

Hi I'm Dr. Savage and you are wondering what type of treatment options are out there today for HIV. With that said let me give you just a brief history of antiviral medicines for HIV and how they have come about. A lot of people who had HIV back when the medicines first started to come out people would choose not to take any medicine at all because they found that their friends who were taking the medicine actually were dying while taking the medicine. They did not have faith and did not believe that these medicines worked.

The way that it is going today is using multiple different medicines to suppress the HIV virus and it is becoming much much more effective. The way it is working and trending towards today is taking pills that contain these multiple different medicines that suppress the virus and you actually get to take them less times per day, you take less pills. With that said this is something if you have HIV, this is something that you should fully discuss with your infectious disease doctor who will be customizing your HIV treatment because there.

AIDS, HIV STDs Treating Gonorrhea

Hi, I'm Dr. Savage. You're wondering how to treat gonorrhea. Gonorrhea, first of all, it's an STD, it's a bacteria. It actually is a curable condition. It's actually cured through certain different antibiotics that should be appropriately chosen by your physician, either at a health care clinic or your primary care physician. Whoever it may be, the doctor will write for that, their appropriate antibiotic. Often it will be in the form of a pill, but you may also receive either an intravenous or an intramuscular shot of antibiotics as well. If your physician prescribes more than one antibiotic, each one of those medicines.

AIDS, HIV STDs Treating HPV in Infants

Hi, I'm Dr. Savage. I'm here to discuss treating HPV in infants. Now first of all, you know, intuitively HPV, the human papilloma virus, that is a sexually transmitted disease. It's very common in the population. In fact, some epidemiologists have estimated that as much as eighty percent of the population is infected with one of the hundreds of different strains of HPV. With that in mind, there also is a high rate, studies have shown there is a high rate, of transmission from the mother to to the baby during, you know, the birthing procedure.

It's also been a recent hot topic, cause' now there are vaccines for the, for HPV. Also, HPV causes cervical cancer in females. That's one of the things that it can do. Also, other strains of HPV cause genital warts. If the infant actually contracts the HPV virus during the birthing procedure a lot of times it's difficult to tell, and it's not routinely screened for. So typically, what you'd end up seein' in this situation would be signs of genital warts in the infant. So, when you'd see something like flesh colored papules in.

AIDS, HIV STDs Treating Hepatitis B

Hi, I'm Dr. Savage. I'm here to discuss treating hepatitis B. First of all, you may have been recently diagnosed with hepatitis B, or you may know someone who has. And to discuss what exactly that is, it can be transmitted sexually, it can be transmitted through bloodtoblood contact hepatitis meaning inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis B meaning, you know, that certain viral strain that infects the liver. Now, in terms of treatment if you were to do nothing about seventy five percent actually go into remission, and they say remission.

Because it's questionable whether it is possible to completely eliminate it from the system. But typically, there is signs of actually recovering and getting rid of the virus, the body fightin' it off itself. That also means that twentyfive percent end up having chronic hepatitis from the hepatitis B virus. That's a discussion treating if you have an acute infection, considering getting antiviral therapy for this. It's something you would discuss with your infectious disease doctor, and that's that's basically what what you'd consider is getting antiviral therapy. So, since with that said, I'm confident this has been informative.

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