Quando a urticria apareceu para mim

Today my alarm ringed once more, but i failed. Actually, my life has been following this pattern for the last 12 years – since it appeared to me. I remember that i was 11, i had just come back from a trip with my uncles, we had gone to the beach in another city and it started to show some red spots in my forehead, my neck, hands and some other regions. And I didn’t give much credit, most people don’t. I started to use ointment, some home made stuff… but it started to persist, and it was growing stronger each time.

It was from then that i went to look up for specialists, and those specialists recommended me a lot of types of exams, i’ve passed through a lot of different types of treatments. But the truth is that i’ve never improved. In all this years there were 6 specialists, 6 different kinds of treatment. And the funny thing is that the treatments give you expectations like “Wow, now it will workâ€�, “Now im really going to get betterâ€�. The hives go way beyond that these red spots that you can see here today in my body

my forehead and my hands. It itches a lot you know, it swallows.. It disfigures who you are. I remember that one time a asked: Valeria what is Urticaria for you?… And in that day that he asked i remember myself in the subway i was thinking: Wow, i really need to talk to my what is the Urticaria for me. And i saw a lady that had some kind of lumps all over her body, and it was clear that it wasn’t like Urticaria that was presente in one day and gone in another.

Her lumps were constant. And i was picturing with myself: Would it be better to have a condition that would always remains with you or something that goes away and come back with everything. And when you are with the urticaria and people sees you, it gives a major feeling of frustration. Because it is real, people care about you. And when they see you like that they wonder

“What is happening?â€� , “How can i help?â€�. Actually it shakes you, because people ask: Wow, are you bad again? And that was the line i’ve heard the most during all this time. Valeria, are you going to miss work again today? Are you going to take medicine again? Are you changing again? Are you bad again? Are you crying over this again?

Again and Again: me and the wheals, the wheals and I..

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