O que Urticria Crnica Espontnea CSU

Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU): hives that shows up in the body, in a continuous and regular way, without the need of an external trigger for it to happen. 20% of the urticaria cases persists for more than 20 years and it unsettle significantly the life of the patients. Unlike the common thought, the urticaria is not an allergy, despite being manifestated in a very similar way, doing to the itching, swelling, and the hives that appears in the body. The inicial treatment ends up being very alike to the ones given to alergies which the gives the patient a lot of kinds of exams , which ends up being very frustrating in the case of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria.

Because the exams aren’t capable enough of identifying the problem. It turns out to be a quite unfair process. In my case, there’s been 3 years and i know that it is Chronic Spontaneous Uricaria, but there are over 3.000 days with the symptoms. And, talking about 3.000 days, this is the name that I’ve decided to give to this channel, precisely because it a reference to the time that I know the Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and it visits me. The life with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria is not simple, it is like if you have a checklist when you mark the red days, that are the days that the Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria shows up to you. And it’s weird to talk about it, because most people does not imagine that a skin disease could be such uncomfortable like that.

But another people like me would like the space like this to prove that it is.

Eu tenho urticria e a culpa no minha

Hello, my name’s Valeria Rezende and this is the 3000 days project. One of the biggest challenges of CSU is remember that it’s an idiopathic disease. Looks a bit confusing, right? But it’s true. If you still don’t know what is an idiopathic disease, watch the last tutorial. It’s a big challenge because it’s peoples nature to be logical. For example, 1 plus 1, equal 2. The effects that happens with me are additions made before. It’s difficult to fully understand the spontaneous way of urticaria.

You have this disease, and isn’t your fault. Relax! But I should say one thing for you…. Sometimes, someone will blame you because a chocolate that you ate. Why chocolate always have to be the first villain? They will say that was that day at the pool… Or the ansiety for vacation… So, we can’t get more excited with the the things that we schedule?.

Everybody will want to find a reason for your disease, in special, your mom. ( I hope that my mom hadn’t seen me eating a chocolate bar In fact, there are harmful factors, that aggravate the symptoms when you already have hives in your body. But I’ll talk about this topic in other tutorial. What can’t happen is you getting neurotic, worrying, thinking that you are responsible for the symptoms. Thinking that what you fell makes the symptoms appear, emotions you have, what you do in your day, what you ate… Snap out off it! In the CSU, you are not a guilty. Don’t worry!.

You are alive! You’ll fell the things. You’ll be moved, ‘ll get happy ‘ll get sad sometimes. These things are normal, and we can’t get rid of them. The most difficult is that in the disease research period, it’s required that you curtail some things, some possible triggers. But the medical treatment and the knowledge of CSU, show that you need to get out of your mind the possible triggers.

When this happens, you can forgive yourself, understanding what this disease represents. So, why put a fault in the person who is most affected by this ill?.

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