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Music Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Hives, I'm happy to tell you, aren't dangerous, but they sure are annoying because they are so very, very itchy. The medical term for hives is urticaria, but a lot of people just call them wheals or welts. The bottom line is they are very itchy bumps. They can vary in size from a small pea to as large as your palm, the color is usually skin colored, or sometimes they're a little bit pink, and slightly raisedalmost like a plaque. They.

Can vary in shape from round, to oval, or even linear, but the most characteristic part of hives is the amount of time that they last, because they come and go frequently. They can last for as short as twenty minutes, or an hour or less, maybe even two hours. When one goes away another one comes. And, usually there are many cycling at the same time. But if your bumps last for a couple of days, than they're not hives. Hives usually represent allergic reactions to either foods or medications, and the most.

Common foods that cause them are tomatoes, nuts, shellfish, and the most common medications that cause it are antibiotics, especially penicillin but there are literally thousands of medications that can cause hives. In terms of treatment, the most important thing is if you've recently started a new medication in the last week, or ten days, then discontinue it and of course, inform your physician. For treatment, we use antihistamines. Over thecounter antihistamines, like Benadryl or ChlorTrimeton or even Claritin, are helpful. The first group can be sedating. Claritin is not sedating. And Allegra which is available by prescription, also is not.

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Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. A viewer with recurring cold sores asked if she was still contagious because she had a sore that was 11 days old. The scab was gone but the area was red and slightly sore. She wanted to know When was it ok to kiss her partner again, without risk of spreading the virus. For anyone who has cold sores, it's so important to know when they're contagious and when they're not, which is what I'm going to discuss now. To be clear, cold sores, which are the same as Herpes outbreaks,.

Consist of tiny blisters on the lip, or elsewhere on the face, and are caused by the Herpes virus. These outbreaks can be rare, happening just once in a lifetime or recurring, happening a few times each year. And yes, it's the same family of virus that causes genital herpes, but today I'm only talking about facial sores. So when are you no longer contagious If you don't treat this viral infection with oral antiviral pills, then by the time the scab or crust comes off it's usually not contagious. That can take a week or longer.

And that applies whether you don't treat it at all or you treat it with topical products. But if you are treated with oral antivirals like Valtrax or Famvir, then by the fourth day after the treatment is finished, it's usually not contagious. And here's some good news Newer treatment schedules often require only one day of pills! But regardless of your treatment, remember that the Herpes virus is spread by skintoskin contact. During an outbreak, the way you can spread your virus is by the part of your face or lip with the outbreak touching.

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Hello Hola, soy la administradora de EPA Lisa P. Jackson. Del 18 al 24 de marzo se celebra el quincuagsimo aniversario de Semana Nacional de Prevencin de Envenenamientos. Y una vez ms les pido que ayuden a crear conciencia acerca de la prevencin de envenenamientos. Cada ocho segundos, alguien llama a un centro de control de venenos. Cada ao, los 57 centros de control de venenos en Estados Unidos reciben unas 4 millones de llamadas para tratar unos 2.4 millones de exposiciones a venenos. La mitad de estas exposiciones ocurren en nios de cinco aos y menos, y muchas estn.

Relacionadas con productos que tenemos en el hogar o en el garaje, productos de limpieza o plaguicidas, u otras sustancias qumicas que usamos todos los das. La mejor defensa que tenemos en contra de estos accidentes consiste en concientizar acerca de los riesgos y los pasos sencillos para prevenir una exposicin. Eso significa que usted puede ayudar a llevar el mensaje a los padres, personas que cuidan a los nios, educadores y a otros en su comunidad acerca de la prevencin de exposiciones. Hay cosas bsicas que debe saber y compartir durante esta semana de prevencin de envenenamientos.

Primero, asegrese de sellar los plaguicidas, sustancias qumicas caseras, y medicamentos y mantngalos fuera del alcance de los nios. Asegrese que cualquier posible amenaza de veneno se mantenga en anaqueles altos o gabinetes cerrados. Use cerraduras de seguridad especiales aprueba de nios. Y si no est seguro de un producto en su hogar, lea la etiqueta y siga las instrucciones de seguridad. Tambin, asegrese de programar el nmero gratuito de ayuda para venenos en su telfono o escrbalo cerca. Si necesita ayuda, llame al 8002221222 para hablar con expertos en su centro local de control de venenos las 24 horas del da,.

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In this timelapse tutorial, we will see infrared footage of a person's hand that has just been removed from a bucket of ice water. The hand is dark, depicting cooler temperature, but watch as white patches start to form. These are areas of inflammation, a sign that the person is allergic to cold, a condition known as cold urticaria. Inflammation is caused when immune cells release histamine into the bloodstream. In people with cold urticaria, inflammation produces hives that are red, itchy, and warm. After 10 minutes, the hand has warmed to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The hand will have.

Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, And Chronic Urticaria

Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, And Chronic Urticaria,Subscribe for free to Dr. Gregers tutorials at nutritionfactsupdates DESCRIPTION The rising incidence of tickbite induced meat allergies may account..

DermTV - How To Treat Hives [ Epi #285].At one time or another in our lives, chances are well get hives. But what are hives Are hives dangerous And how do you treat hives In this episode of..

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