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Hello, This time I'll give two remedies home to remove dandruff. Number one stirring a cup of white vinegar in a liter of water and pour it into your scalp after bathing. Dry your hair and comb as usual. Make this recipe all day until dandruff disappears completely. Number two, two shells boiled potatoes medium, strain the water and let cool. Then rinse your scalp with this water. Dry your hair and comb as usual. Make this recipe to achieve results satisfactory. I hope you serve these remedies natural. Thanks for your time. If you liked.

lceras en las Piernas Leg Ulcers with Dr Wilmer Valentin Health Segment 3

Rank Up Health and Beauty Segment Hello folks. This is Dr. Wilmer Valentn from the vascular health clinics at Professional Hospital. Today I'll be talking about leg ulcers for our health segment. Leg ulcers of venous origins, are usually located in the distal third of the legs, close to the ankles. These patients who exhibit these ulcers usually have been suffering from swelling and varicose veins for many years before developing ulcers. Varicose veins arise when the valves of the inferior venous system stop working and limit the flow of blood circulation.

To the heart. This causes the legs to swell, causes legs to become swollen and the skin and tissue to deteriorate with the passage of time. Later, when the patient has a minor abrasion, a minor trauma that deterioration and sclerosis of the tissues causes them prevents them from healing. Usually, these patients come with ulcers they've had for many years, with common treatments, antibiotics, local care, and they don't heal. When these patients have these ulcers for a long time we, in our vascular clinic, start them with a bandage therapy.

And antibiotics, that are replaced weekly and doing so we allow the tissue to regain the ability to heal. Obviously, week by week these bandages are replaced and the ulcer continues improving and improving. When the ulcer has finally healed then we need something that ensures they wont return. This something is the use of compression stockings. that the patient should use day after day to avoid swelling and that the tissues revert to deterioration. Some of these patients, undergo vascular exams and we see where the veins are disrupted, which ones are disrupted, and to what degree are they disrupted, these exams.

Contrary to the ones used to detect clots, must be done while standing and with them we can determine what procedures are best for this patient so the ulcers don't return. Occasionally, we must perform minimally invasive procedures. Remove one vein, match another one. Sometimes we must do something more were we completely remove the affected vein but, since the patient has regain the ability to heal, they usually do so without major issues. If, despite the fact that they improve with surgery, we always recommend the use of compression stockings to.

Remedios Caseros Para La Urticaria

Remedios Caseros Para La Urticaria,Remedios caseros para la urticaria. Son hinchazones circunscritas en la piel que a menudo causan picazn. Normalmente son de color rosa o rojo, pero no..

Urticaria Cuales Los Sintomas ?.Aqui en mi canal encontraras tutorials de productos naturales, temas de salud y educacion a nivel prescolar,temas de plantas, de religion,humor,chistes,..

¿Qué Es La Urticaria?.Consulte a su Mdico. De la mano de un mdico, te daremos a conocer informacin muy interesante. De las dudas que normalmente tenemos, te daremos a..

Urticaria: ¿Enfermedad O Síntoma?.MUJERES EN TVC EL

Que Es La Urticaria - Como Tratar La Urticaria Naturalmente.Que es la urticaria Como tratar la urticaria naturalmente. Es una erupcin cutnea comn caracterizada por una o varias ronchas de piel enrojecida, levantada..

El Embarazo &Alergias - Pregnancy &Allergies.Spanish production on Pregnancy and Allergies from the Sound Bytes educational library for waiting room tutorials. There is no voiceover and has backgound..

Dr. Cesar Lucio, TV Azteca Sarpullido Por Calor En Bebs, Urticaria En Nios, Vacunas En Embarazo.

Dr. Cesar Lucio, TV Azteca Sarpullido Por Calor En Bebs, Urticaria En Nios, Vacunas En Embarazo.,Citas al 83462102 y 83462108..

Picadura Durante El Embarazo.Durante el embarazo la piel est mucho ms sensible y hay algunos productos que no deben utilizarse, como lo clsicos sticks antimosquitos. Si quieres saber..

Embarazo Y Bebe Salpullido Y Hongos Varices Sexo.Visitanos.embarazada salpullido y hongos hace algunos dias me empezo un salpullido en los senos y el pecho, y en realidad me pica en las..

Enfermedades De La Piel: Prurito O Picores, Urticaria, Hiperhidrosis.Sufres picores Sabas que el prurito puede ser un indicador de una enfermedad importante Hablamos de la urticaria, de la hiperhidrosis sudoracin..

Remedios Caseros Para La Urticaria O Picazón, Remedios Para Aliviar El Picor De La Urticaria.SUSCRIBETE! al Canal aqu LeuBcI Remedios Caseros para la Urticaria o Picazn, Remedios para Aliviar el Picor de la Urticaria. DESCRGATE..

Tipos De Alergias En La Piel , Causas Y Como Prevenir La Aparición De Alergias.Tipos de alergias en la piel , causas Y como prevenir la aparicin de alergias Fuente del..


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