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Welcome to Health Care at Home One of our viewer Ms. Upasna Tiwari she has written that she has problem of urticaria and asking for the home remedies for this. See, Urticaria or Sheeghra Pitta what happen with this you have so much of irritation on your body and most of the time the person get frustrated and feel like that deep inside his body any bacteria or insects has entered into his skin and biting him the way mosquito bites so he feels like this so what you have to do to save from this that let me tell you.

You h ave to use some things, like the deep fried food if you will not consume it then it will be well and good for you because it increase the caria Pitta and if the pitta gets increased then urticaria will automatically get increased along with not consumption of cold drinks because with them the body gets dehydrated and if the body dehydrated then there are so much chances of pitta increment along with this do one thing, once you wake up take pink leaves of margosa trees and 7 leaves of basil, chew them both and after that drink 1 glass of water you will notice that the problem of.

Urticaria you are getting relief in it. now the remedy i am going to tell you that is very simple remedy but if you will do this remedy before bath then with in 1520 days the problem of urticaria will be ruled out from its roots for this take 1 leave of fresh aloevera and take out its internal gel you have to take out almost 2 spoon of it add 2 spoon of coconut oil and along with take 1 pinch of camphor and 1 pinch of Red Clay.

How to make this let me tell you, first of all heat up the 2 spoon of coconut oil when this coconut oil get lukewarm or warm, then you have to add the fresh gel of aloevera after that add camphor and let it dissolve and then you have to add red clay and after mix them all nicely take out from the flame do not heat up just lightly so that camphor get dissolve and after mixing the kind of paste will be ready, you have to apply this paste all over your body.

Instead massage nicely,make that much quantity so that you can massage it all over your body after massaging what you have to do, let it be like 1520 minute and then take bath you will notice that within few days the problem of Urticaria you have started getting relief in that So, isn't the remedy was easy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and busy with us To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel and do supportus in our motive.

Papular Urticaria Papular Urticaria Treatment Papular Urticaria Pictures

Papular Urticaria Treatment. Find out more at besturticariacure. Papular urticaria is a common and often annoying disorder manifested by chronic or papules caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to the bites of mosquitoes or insects. Individual papules may surround a wheal and display a central punctum. Papular Urticaria tends to be evident during spring and summer months. They are most often on the legs and other uncovered areas such as forearms and face. The lesions or sores usually start as small raised patches of skin similar to hives. The key is that a few bites cause a general eruption of all the old bite sites.

A case of Urticaria, Freq cold and acidity treated At Imperial Homeopathy.

Hello, my name is Abhay Nadkarni I was having Urticaria, frequent cold and stomach upset acidity since many years I started treatment at Imperial Homeopathy Pune since October. I used to have urticarial rash all over body. I had severe acidity. because of that I used to have headache and urticarial rash. I used to take antacids like Tab Omez but had only temporary relief. I have to travel frequently so was having acidity very often. I was having Urticaria since 34 years. Frequent cold would get aggravated due to change of weather, change of location etc.

Hashimotos Thyroiditis Part 3 Your Thoughts Affect Your Health

Again, stress can be caused from our thought processes. For instance, if we're constantly being overwhelmed with negative thoughtswhatever that may be oh, I didn't do this or I didn't do that or did I do enough of this or all these things that I have to do tomorrow. When the mind is constantly thinking thoughts of overwhelment or even thoughts of being hard on ourselves or guilt or criticism or anger or any of that that willthat is a form of stress, and it affects the nervous system and the nervous system, in fact, affects the.

Endocrine system which is the thyroid gland which is a part of that endocrine system. So and yes that can be a very important part of controlling Hashimoto's thyroiditisthe symptomologyis figuring out where is the stress coming from what is the root cause of the stress here Because we don't see symptomology as being emotional but sometimes it can be as you mentioned earlier with the thoughts and things of that nature it doesn't occur sometimes to people but it's important. Yes. And it can changeyou can change it yourself. Yes, exactly, and that's where,.

For instance, you know this from a personal standpoint positive affirmationsand we'll talk about that more later but positive affirmations is very important in turning your thought processes around. When that happens it calms the nervous system and the nervous system in turn helps to balance the endocrine system, thus balancing the thyroid, as well, and thus decreasing the symptomology of the patient. So absolutely there are so many practices that need to be incorporated in order to decrease the anxiety in our lives, the feeling of overwhelment, of stress, whatever it is we need to look into alternative therapies.

Cure Nose Bleeding by Gooseberries II II

Welcome to Health Care at Home Summer season is going to come Nose bleeding Naak Se Khoon Nikalna is often seen in summer season. Nose bleeding happen due to high higher hot weather So, how you can get rid of it , that i will tell you You can get rid of it with the medical fruit And that's name is Gooseberries.And i have named in Miracle Fruit. Because it has end no of qualities, so does it works miracle So, what you have to do Take 50 gm of Gooseberries powder., soak it within 1520 Liters.

Let is soak for overnight and wash your head with this water You will notice that the nose bleeding during summer season which bother's you that will be far away from you. Even after that you still have nose bleeding, then you can do one more remedy Gooseberry pulp is easily available in the market 1 Gooseberry pulp in the morning 1 in the evening consume it twice a day, immediately the nose bleeding will be vanished. If you have just move out in summertime suddenly nose bleeding started.

Then what you have to do, if you have fresh gooseberries, then grind it and make its paste and apply it on your forehead. and put 2 drops of gooseberries juice in your nose,Your nose bleeding will immediately get stop. If you are unable to get fresh gooseberries, then what you have to do. Soak the gooseberries powder overnight in the water. and prepare its paste, and paste that paste from box ears to this corner, so apply it nicely on all this area. And put 2 Drops of Gooseberries juice in your nose, and you will notice that you will get relief in your nose bleeding.

Be careful for one thing in the summer season, that you must drink minimum 3 liter of water in a day And do not consumes cold drinks at all, i have often seen that people drinks cold drinks.Because they feel and feel relaxed. Whereas reality is something different , cold drink actually dehydrate our body. In summer your sweat a lot and your body get dyhderate And on top of that if you will conume the cold drink then your body will be more dehydrate due to that you can feel weakness.

So consume as much as water you can. Drink plenty of water in the mooring instead of drinking in the evening. Because over drinking of water in night won't help you in fact has its own disadvantages. So wasn't it was an easy remedy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us subscribe this channel, Tell to your Friends Relatives To subscribe this channel, Get the health benefits while sitting at home and support as in our motive, as much as you can.And our motive is to.

Home Remedies for Severe Constipation II II

Welcome to Health care at Home We have one of our viewer Mr. Shankar Lal Mandala from Madhya Pradesh he has written that his father has very severe problem of constipation for that he is asking for some remedies, Although he had done so many remedies but has not got relief and due to Allopathic they are facing some side effects also See, first of all the reason of constipation is that what are you eating and what are you doing that means how much physically active you are, people who sits most of the time in front of computer they suffer from constipation.

Those who do not have physical activity at all so first of all what you have to do is half n hour in morning and half n hour in evening you have to walk properly, if you cannot walk then you can swim for 1520 minutes with this also you will get relief in constipation do some breathing exercise, Pranayam with this also you will get very much relief in constipation now let me tell you that drinking water is must it is very important in constipation that how much water you drink.

Drink at least 3 liter of water in a day along with there is one more major reason of constipation that how much you chew the food you eat i have often seen the people who have constipation and i have met them whenever it seen that they are sitting to eat food but they hardly chew the food just a chew and then they swallow this is a major reason of constipation, acidity and gas so you have to chew the food properly as in whatever you chew in your mouth done otherthan that there is no such part in your body who chew the food again.

So what will happen liver will release the strong juice if you would have not chew your food properly No more slavia will go and in result you will have acidity, gas constipation then try to eat your food as in you have got 32 teeth then at least chew the food with each and every teeth so try to chew the food at least 32 times you will notice that the problem of constipation will be gone away like this only it will be solved without any remedy or any treatment.

If you will do this practice of chewing your food for 32 times now i will tell you remedy, if you have season of Guava the take a ripe Guava, and you have to eat it and you need not to chew its seeds you have to just swallow the seeds, and you will notice that you are getting relief in severe constipation along with this, you must do this remedy as this will give maximum relief in constipation what you have to do, you have to take 4 Spoon of Aloevera Gel.

Take the fresh leave and take out its green portion and take out its fresh gel with the help of a spoon just stretch it and take out its gel in the 4 spoon of gel you have to add 2 spoon of castor oil mix them both of them and then you have to mix these two of them into the Lukewarm Milk and consume this milk in the night and you will notice that you will start getting relief in 810 days in the severe constipation So, isn't it was an easy remedy.

Home Remedies for Bed Wetting II II

Welcome to Health care at Home One of our viewer Mrinalini Jha from Bihar she has emailed us She has written that when her child was at her young age then he use to pass urine on bed. and now when the child is 78 years old but even now 23 times in a week he pass the urine on bed so for this she is asking home remedies. See, Ms. Mrinalini first of all there is one thing for which nowadays mothers has to be more cautions we often notice that children are very much attracted to cold drinks.

And the liberty from mothers to let them have cold drinks this is one of the major reason in the children behind the bed wetting and it is also very dangerous for the bones of your children these cold drinks are aviatory drinks it is only sugar which is harmful for the children so this way it is also been noticed that mother's offers chocolate to the kids or else they offer them potato chips you are only giving carbohydrate to the children but no nutrition these cold drinks are dehydrating the body instead.

So first of all the chocolates, cold drinks and chips are being given to the children often the trend of fast food this has to be stop let the child have water, coconut water, fresh juices let them drink soup of green vegetables so that they could the complete nutrition and one more thing you have to remember that let the child drink water but in day only in the night before sleeping or 12 hours prior before sleeping drink less of water, because it gives more benefit to be drink in the morning.

If you will sleep before drinking too much of water then that water can harmful to you so let your child drink lots of water in the day and let him have healthy food, he will be better with this only now i will tell you a remedy for this, you have to take 100 gm of black sesame seeds and dry roast the black sesame seeds either in the pan or on the flat pan it will start crackling, when they get roasted nicely then you have to add almost 100 gm of Jaggery.

Once the jaggery got melt along with black sesame seeds then take fresh aloevera gel take leaf of aloevera and cut down its green portion and take out its internal gel and then add that 100 gm of gel and after adding just mix them it will be thicker as like halwa, so you can also make ladoo out of this also if not then you can keep it like this and in the morning and evening give him half bowl of this to eat make sure you do not forget to give him to eat in the night.

If you have prepared the ladoo then ask him to eat 2 Ladoo or else 12 bowl of this kind of halwa that you ask him to eat, you will notice that the bed wetting of your child will be stopped afterwards so, isn't it was an easy remedy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our aim.

How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin II II By Satvinder Kaur II

Hello welcome to F3 health beauty tips. This is Satvinder today i am going to tell you how to get rid of itchy skin. Do you feel like scratching your skin all the time. Itchy skin is a very common problem,that affects many people. It can be very annoying,distracting your daily activities sleep. Itching can have various causes like Allergic Reactions Skin Infections, Soaps detergents, Dry weather some Medications. So, I am going to tell you simple home remedy for itchy skin. The first one is baking soda.

Baking soda is the most common home remedy for itchy skin or skin rashes. It has soothing effect due to its anti inflammatory property Make a paste of baking soda adding little water.don't make it very watery Apply it on the affected area leave it for around 1015 mins wash it with cold water. Do this daily see the desire results. Remember never apply baking soda on open wound or broken skin. You can also apply cold water or cold water pads on the affected areas to reduce the itchiness.

Urticaria Treatment With Home Remedies By Sachin Goyal

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