World urticaria day 2015 1 october 2015 World Urticaria Day 2015 Promotion team gathers World Urticaria Day 2015 Flyers tshirts are handed out What is urticaria? What do you think urticaria is? Cactus, roses, something with numbers. Urticaria? No idea!.

I’ve never heard about that The name sounds vaguely familiar Seeing some pictures, I’m not jealous I’ve frequented a dermatologist as I suffer from urticaria . an itch that surfaces Urticaria is a skin disease that consists of various symptoms.

Red itchy bumps that appear suddenly These may appear locally or spread out over the entire body Synonyms for urticaria are hives or nettle rash Urticaria is not lethal, but can have a major impact nonetheless 20% of the Dutch occasionally suffers from this condition I believe a lot of people suffer from this.

One in five people? that is quite a lot So I must know someone who suffers from urticaria but who remains silent It must be awful: the feeling of rolling in stinging nettles all the time All of sudden a red rash appeared on her legs extremely painful Types of urticaria We differentiate between acute and chronic urticaria.

Acute urticaria disappears within six weeks while chronic urticaria lasts longer Since birth, so I know exactly what it means Cause is often unknown I believe it is an infectious disease triggered by a weak immune system Here’s a good one: less stress Perhaps an allergic reaction?.

Causes treatment Unfortunately, for the majority of those with urticaria an identifiable cause cannot be determined There’s nothing specific that people with urticaria can avoid Something that will prevend the symptoms from occurring There’s medication to suppress the symptoms, that allow you to lead a normal life.

Antihistamines are medicine that block the creation of histamine . the cause of most complaints with urticaria Since nearly 18 months a new medicine has been introduced Patients should realise that urticaria disappears in the course of several months or years. . which is not to say that it can have a major impact . but theres hope that urticarial it will go away.

It doesnt have to be for life Patient recommendations Patients should get informed on sites like the Platform for Urticaria Patients But also via which provides information and enables the patient to create a patient file for their treatment The most crucial step for patients with persistent hives is to intensify treatment.


Dalsi cesta, dalsi jizda Uz jsem tudy nekdy jel? Jeste tudy nekdy pojedu? A kam me tahle cesta zavede? K novym horizontum? K novym svetum? Ke skrytym castem sama sebe? Dostanu se nekdy ke zdroji me bolesti?.

Opusti me ta bolest nekdy? Setru slzy? Necham byt svou unavu? Pocitim v zivote radost? Uslysim sve srdce bit radosti? A budu v miru se svym Ja. A ted jsem tady na tomhle modrem gauci.

Zaviram oci a nahliizm do svych vlastnich svetu .Vidim tmu osvetlenou pohledem na sebe i kdyz se citim nejiste mam duveru v cloveka vedle me jsem ochoten objevit v sobe nezname a doufam, ze me provede pricinou mych problemu // Why Regression Therapy? / Proc regresni terpii?.

Proc regresni terapii? Muj ukol me dovedl az sem do terapeuticke mistnosti Chci se naucit neco o leceni, o vyvoji Neco jsem o tehle terapii slysel. Pritahuje me to, zajima snad to se mnou rezonuje.

Making me want to understand more about it /chci tomu lepe rozumet Muze mi to fungovat? Dalsi krok na me vlastni ceste? Koho lepsiho se zeptat nez tech, kteri po mnoho let tuto terapii provadi a uci ? a zeptat se tech, kteri k nim prisli jako klienti? Cesta me privadi do Nemecka do mesta Kleeve, kde se uskutecnilo setkani terapeutu z celeho sveta. Doufam, ze se tu dozvim odpovedi na sve otazky // PART 1: The Meeting / Schuzka.

Part 1: schuzka Tak jsem se octl uplne uprostred jejich setkani, sjezdu asociace regresnich terapeutu pod nazvem EARTh dozvedel jsem se nasledujici EARTh je asociace, ktera sdruzuje regreni terapeuty nejen z Evrope, kde to vsechno zacalo klient za pomoci terapeuta nahlizi do zkusenosti z minula ktere jsou pricinou jejich problemu.

Objevenim, znovu projitim a porozumenim pricin, jsou schopni dosahnout ulevy. Minuly muze znamenat pred dvema tydny, dvaceti lety, pred narozenim v deloze a dokonce pred 200 lety, v minulem zivote. Vyznamny pocet regresnich terapeutu v Evrope a po celem svete se spojilo aby vytvorili asociaci EARTh, aby podporili kontakt a dalsi skoleni svych clenu.

A tady jsme na pravidelnem sjezdu earth. Je to prilezitost setkat se a pohovorit, terapeuti se mohou zucastnit instruktaznich workshopu, a vyzkouset si to, vymenit si zkusenosti neformalne, seznamit se v prijemnem prostredi. Evidentne je tu co sdilet a ucit se jeden od druheho. V tomto pestrem a zivem prostredi ruznorodych osobnosti jsem mel sanci seznamit se s vybranymi cleny EARTh.

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