Fat Sick Nearly Dead

What I wanna buy is some celery. Ah, you got the tomatoes? Yeah, I got the tomatoes. How many do you want? They’re two for a dollar. Ah good, two for a dollar I’ll take four tomatoes. Gonna try to take one onion. One onion, you get two for a dollar. Alright, I’ll take two.

How much is all that? Four dollars. Four dollars. That’s not very expensive, is it? No, not really. You can have that, that’s fine. Alright, thanks. Alright guys, thank you very much. Y’all come back now. I will now. Happy Thanksgiving.

You all have a good time. Alright mate, see ya! I thought it’d be nice to find somewhere off the freeway, amongst nature, a beautiful spot here in Arkansas and. juice up my Thanksgiving lunch, which has no turkey in it by the way. I think in a funny way I’m thankful that I got sick.

Because if I didn’t get sick, that was my body telling me to slow down and get well. Who knows, if I hadn’t had got sick, I might not have ever slowed down and I might have already had a heart attack and died, so. We’ll never know. I’m thankful for that. G’day.

My name’s Joe Cross, and I’m an Australian, in case you couldn’t work that out from the accent. I’ve just arrived in the United States. I’m not gonna eat any of your food. I’ve come here to fast for 60 days. All I’m gonna do is drink juice, green juice.

60 days. 60 nights. Why am I doing this? Well, let me show you. Take a good hard look at my gut. How many pizzas, burgers, fries, and cokes do you reckon I inhaled to create that masterpiece? I’m certainly no picture of health.

I look like I’ve swallowed a sheep. Not only am I overweight, I’m also sick. For the past nine years, I’ve been taking pills, night and day, just to get by. But as of today, I’m saying enough is enough. I know what you’re thinking. quot;Can’t you just eat the fruit and vegetables? Why juice?quot;.

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