What is the Best Water to Drink and Why

Ty Bollinger So talk about structured water. What is that Paul Barattiero Structured water is water that is mineral rich. So we need water to have minerals. Not that we need the minerals in our body because the minerals that are contained in water are inorganic. They're rock. They're flowing off mountains, they're flowing wherever, and they pick up minerals as they go throughout the earth's surface or wherever they're going. They're picking up mineral content and those minerals are inorganic. We don't need those minerals but water needs those minerals so that water can be structured.

When we talk about structuring we're talking about the electrical properties and the energy properties of water. So that water functions the way it should. Most people are not aware that tap water, for instance, has a positive electrical charge. Not a negative electrical charge. Things that have positive electrical charges are oxidized. They'll oxidize other things. Rust is oxidation. So, that metal is being oxidized because electrons are being taken from it, not added to it. So you're weakening its structure. And ultimately positive electrical charge is great from a sterilization perspective, but not from an antioxidant.

It's actually an oxidant and that's great for killing bacteria and viruses, because you want to oxidize them or steal their ability to function. But when it comes to our body we don't want to do that to us. We want to have the opposite charge. The negative electrical charge so that we're giving electricity back to us or we're donating electrons to us. So effectively, structured water is water that has the proper electrical charge, with the proper mineral content. Therefore when you think of any structure, a house or what have you, it's the foundation.

Fruit Infused Water 8 Ways to drink more Water Honeysuckle

We're all supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but I never can drink that many cups. So one of my new year's resolutions is to drink more water but water alone can be kind of boring so I've come up with 8 delicious ways to infuse my fruit into the water while adding extra health benefits too! Subscribe below if you want to see how it's made. Water infused with fruits and herbs help with detoxification, energy and hydration. All you have to do is place as much fruit as you'd.

Like into water, let it sit for 30 minutes and enjoy! So here are some of my favorite combinations Cucumber pomegranate this helps with managing stress and bloating Strawberry Basil Lemon this helps boost immunity and it's super tasty too Blueberries Orange this gives you healthier skin and helps clean free radicals out of your system Grapefruit Rosemary this is like a fancy cocktail infusion but it has a ton of vitamin C to help your body turn fat into fuel Pear and Ginger will help your tummy with.

Does Sparkling Water Ruin Your Teeth

Put down that sparkling water, those bubbles might ruin your smile. Hi guys, Crystal here for DNews Not all bubbly water is created equal sparkling is pure carbonated water, club soda has added salts, tonic water can contain sugar, and many flavored mineral waters contain additional acids, salt, and sugar. So are they all bad for you How unhealthy can water be In the past few years sales of carbonated water products has doubled in the US and for those of us that are drinking at least a bottle of fizzy water a day, the internet has concerns.

That those delightful bubbles are leaching calcium out of our bones, contributing to tooth decay, and even make us gain weight. Now, I'm sure that anyone who has the self awareness to acknowledge a habit that isn't exactly performed in moderation has probably at some point asked themselves the question how bad is this Well, as usual science says It depends When a liquid beverage contains bubbles it's usually the result of carbonation. In alcoholic beverages that carbonation is a natural byproduct of fermentation, but in water, it's usually just carbon dioxide gas some chemist forced to dissolve in water using low temperature.

And high pressure. When this happens, it makes my favorite molecule carbonic acid, H2CO3! That hissing sound you hear when you open a new bottle of sparkling water is the release of pressure that keeps the gas dissolved and the delightful effervescence you drink is the result of carbonic acid rushing to a new equilibrium by decomposing into carbon dioxide g and water l. Now, we know acidic foods erode tooth enamel, so if carbonation comes from acid, how bad is that for our teeth Well, flavored carbonated waters have the mild acidity of a fruit juice.

And they are not nearly as corrosive as acidic soft drinks you may call them pop or colas. A study in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation goes as far to suggest that sparkling water can be considered a safe alternative to sugared soft drinks, which have pH values that come close to the digestive levels of stomach acid! It has also been thought that carbonic acid in fizzy drinks was contributing to loss of bone calcium and increased risk for osteoporosis but recently it was shown that the caffeine and phosphoric acids found in colas could be the real culprit. In fact, some mineral.

Waters that contain calcium salts could be considered good for your bones! Carbonation has been blamed for causing a variety of complaints including irritable bowel syndrome IBS and weight gain. In most cases it is the additives like mineral salts, flavorings, and sugars that are to blame for the reported adverse effects. But IBS is one of the few cases where the bubbles truly are the culprit. Even so, carbonation can exacerbate IBS, it doesn't cause the disease. So, sugared drinks like sodas are still bad for you, carbonated water is a healthier alternative.

To soft drinks but flat water is still better, and you should read the label of your bubbly beverage before you check out at the grocery store. Also, remember carbonic acid is kind of like that one friend in your social group, unstable but innocuous. And only unhealthy when other elements are added to the mix. Now that you know how to be an informed seltzer drinker, watch this tutorial by Trace about why we like those bubbles so very much. It isn't what you'd think. Guys, do you have any science questions What should we look into next Tell us in the comments, subscribe.

Carbonated Water Not Always A Healthy Alternative


How Much Water Do We Really Need to Drink

In elementary school, most of us learn the human body is 75 water and we are supposed to drink eight glasses of water every single day. But that H2O knowledge, that's evaporated. Hey, hydraters. Trace here for D News. Babies are wet. Yeah, they are soaked in water. A recent NPR blog post talked about how hydrated babies are. They are 75 water when they're new. Just for comparison, potatoes are about 80 water and bananas, they're 74 water. As we grow older, we dry out. Adult men are only 60 water while women are 55 water.

The reason being men tend to have higher amounts of muscle and women more fat, which means muscle stores more water and fat cells are bit drier on average. But the fluid is actually stored all over our body. Some is extracellular, stored in the liver, the kidneys, stomach, bladder, spinal fluids, and so on. But more than half is actually inside of your cells. The bottom line is that water is vital to our health. It helps lubricate joints. It gives our waste something to dissolve into. It keeps our tissues healthy and pliable.

But we lose it. We lose it all day, every day, sweating, pooping, peeing. Constantly, it's evaporating from our pores. And if we don't replace it, we become dehydrated, and our body suffers in a number of ways. Which brings us to a very good question that D News fan Vijanti Persad asked on our Facebook page. What is the right or required amount of water intake for a person That is an excellent question. We've all heard that you're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. But where did that come from.

No one knows. The debunking masters at snopes couldn't even find original research on it. They talked to Barbara Rolls, a nutrition researcher at Penn State who's written a book about water, and even she doesn't know where it came from. The Mayo Clinic says the science is contested, but it sure is easy to remember, so why not Honestly, a lot of our fluid intake comes from food. The rules say that we need to drink fluid, so if we eat a banana or an orange, we consume their fluid, which is to say, we take their water.

Like fricking Dune, man, the spice must flow and all that. An orange contains approximately eight ounces of fluid. But if you drink a lot of diuretics, like soda, your kidneys start to shed sodium, meaning you need more to replace it, which is bad. So while, yes, by drinking sodas you're drinking fluids, you're doing it wrong. Exactly how much water or fluid you're supposed to drink every day depends on things like body size and how much exercise you get, how hot and dry the climate is and whether you're.

Sick or pregnant. The truth is it probably wouldn't hurt you to drink 8 to 12 8 ounce glasses of fluid per day, but a really good way to test whether you're drinking enough water is to look at your pee seriously. When I was hiking in the desert, the guides told us that it should be clear and copious. If it's yellow, that means you're dehydrated. So drink up and keep a BPA free water bottle around to fill it up directly from your tap. What do you do to stay hydrated.

Healthy Food Tips Healthy Water Flavoring Tips

Here is an aging backwards tip it's really good to stay hydrated. I like to try to drink 8 glasses of water a day if I can. Sometimes it's not that easy to get all your water in one day. So what I like to do is make it a little more tasty by adding a little hint of antioxidant juices and tea to my water. This is what we are going to do. Take a little bit of pomegranate juice, and you can use any kind of dark red juice like dark grape.

Juice. I'm also going to take some green tea, and I'm going to freeze it into ice cubes. I really like these little icy bottle sticks. You can use any ice cube maker that comes with your freezer, but these are really neat because they have long strips. So we're just going to take some of this pomegranate and pour it into the ice cube maker. That's all we have to do. Then we are going to do the same thing with the green tea, and just pour that right into the ice cube maker. Then we'll freeze them and try it after.

The Science of Soil Health Nightcrawlers and Soil Water Flow

When we get to those dry summer months good soil hydrologic function is critical. We visited with Purdue University's Dr. Eileen Kladivko to talk about the remarkable effect that night crawlers have on aiding water flow into and through soils. Right, in general our soils are in excessively wet in the spring and that is more of our issue and that is why we use tile draining and things like that, but what I'm getting at really is that the night crawler in particular can be very important for getting infiltration.

Of water into the soil during the growing season so when we get those quick thunderstorms in the middle of the summer we usually want all that water to go in because that is not when we have excess water so we want the water to go into the soil but especially with soils that are high silt sometimes you can get crusting and you have less crusting of course if you're in no till but if you have a lot of night crawlers, those deep channels that the night crawlers make can really help get water into the soil profile where you have a chance for.

Your crop to use it as opposed to having it run off, you know an extra inch or two of water in a lot of our summers makes a big difference in the yield. I happen to have a few demonstrations of night crawlers if you would like to see and they call it channels if you would like to see those. So this is my technician a number of years ago went out and poured the liquid rubber latex basically that you use in biology classes on an area where there were some night crawler middens and then he came back a couple days.

Later after it had hardened and he carefully dug it out and you can see that these were night crawler channels all in this one square foot area and you can see that basically those channels are going down, they have broken a little bit now in the meantime but some of these channels were down three feet deep and just imagine water flowing across the surface and into these channels how much water can flow down those big and deep channels, and they are very vertical you can see that their so you got the vertical flow and then.

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