Dr. Vladislav GYEBNAR PhD Plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgery The xanthelasma are cholesterol deposits found in the eyelid skin. They appear as slightly yellowish embosed white patches Clinical case 1 They do not go away by itself. Instead, a xanthelasma usually slowly expands its size Preoperative Postoperative The xanthelasma evolves slowly and produce a cosmetic impairment, invading the surrounding tissues Postoperative results are better if it is removed as soon as possible Clinical case 2 The peculiarity of the case is the large size of the pathologic islands Preoperative Postoperative.

Cold Sores Mouth Sores Treatment Remedies That Really Stop Cold Sores Fast

Tired of cold sores What if there was a way to put a stop to the embarrassment and pain once and for all More than a decade of scientific research and experimentation has gone into the developmental of what is being heralded as the Miracle Cold Sore Solution. Best explained, Vylero emits a gentle electric impulse that polarizes the virus, causing it to shut down completely. You already know that you cannot cure or kill the HSV1 Virus, but with Vylero you can effectively knockout the virus causing it to go dormant.

Medical Treatment Diary App Review

Hey there,. It's Jade here and it's time for our AppMakr's App of the Week for 14th 20th of September, 2014. This one goes to a welldeserving mobile app, the Medical Treatment Diary. The Medical Treatment Diary is a powerful smartphone application designed to document dates, symptoms, treatments and events associated with your medical disorder no matter what it might be. This information is used by advocates and attorneys to prove the severity and duration of your impairment. Documented symptoms, limitations and treatments can be used to establish your period of disability and your date of onset.

Let's have a look at how they achieve their objectives. It's got a very clean and organised look. I love the icons that clearly specify its functions. With their official logo on top, it clearly represents their organization's passion to help patients. The app provides links to their contact info and facebook page. There's also information on how Attorney Representatives can use the Medical Treatment Diary App as a resource tool to to improve their clients' chances of winning benefits. On the Career section, users can access instructions on how to become a Social Security Disability.

Advocate and assist those applying for Social Security disability benefits. Through this app, you can also access information and training materials on using the MTD app. Other information also includes their Blog, News section, and most importantly, their Full Site. For more info about the Medical Treatment Diary app that runs on the iPhone, Android and HTML5 smartphones, click on the link below to download the app. Whether you are a medical advocate or a special interest or community group, try building your own mobile app for free. You'll be impressed how much your mobile app would help improve.

Do Radio Frequency Devices Work for Hooded Eyes

Do Radio Frequency Devices Work for Hooded Eyes Over the past 15 years, different companies have promoted heating devices as non surgical solutions for sagging skin. Unfortunately the harsh reality is that more heat does not result in more tightening. In fact in my experience many people have come to our practice after undergoing these treatments feeling that their skin looked more aged and thinner. This makes sense when you think about the physiology of skin. A young face has layers of fat which creates not only volume but contributes to the health and glow of youthful skin. In fact.

In our practice, we routinely use prp or platelet rich plasma derived from your own blood to enhance the fat cells under the skin to contribute to better skin quality. It is my perception that the high energy heat levels which are being delivered by these newer heating technologies which boast about how high their temperatures reach is actually literally cooking the fat under the skin an accelerating the aged appearance. Temporary benefit is typically perceived due to swelling which creates the illusion of volume. With this understanding, it's clear in my opinion that hooded eyes are best managed by cosmetic upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

Overview of the Condition High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is used by the body in several biochemical reactions necessary for life, including making new cells, and making hormones. Too much cholesterol can cause plaque to build up in blood vessels, putting patients at risk for heart attack and stroke. Factors within your control such as inactivity, obesity and an unhealthy diet contribute to high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol. Factors beyond your control may play a role, too. For example, your genetic makeup may keep cells from removing LDL cholesterol from your blood efficiently or cause your liver to produce too much cholesterol.

High blood cholesterol does not cause symptoms. Some people with rare genetic diseases that cause extremely high cholesterol may experience yellowish patches underneath the skin around the eyelids xanthelasma palpebrarum. Risk factors include smoking, obesity, having a large waist, poor diet, lack of exercise and diabetes. Blood levels of cholesterol can be controlled partially by limiting foods high in cholesterol and eating foods high in fiber, which can help remove cholesterol from the blood. Medications to control cholesterol include statins HMGCoA reductase inhibitors which have been directly associated with reduced risk for heart attack and stroke. Examples.

Removing Xanthelasma On The Upper And Lower Eyelids

Removing Xanthelasma On The Upper And Lower Eyelids,This patient has Xanthelasma Palpebrarum Xanthelasma, for short. It is the most common type of xanthoma, occurs on the upper andor lower eyelids, and are..

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Xanthelasma Removal.Xanthelasma is a highly visible condition making the sufferer feel exposed and self conscious. Removal is often the preferred outcome of any treatment but..

Xanthelasma Waterlase Removal.Xanthelasma removed with Waterlase RFT and without local anesthetic..

Stephen Xanthelasma Removal Testimonial.xanthelasmaremoval Before you are going to spend thousands for surgery using a laser or other equipment, stop and ask yourself.what am I waiting..

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Anias Answers Is Garlic Really A CureAll

Anias Answers Is Garlic Really A CureAll,Is garlic the amazing cureall that it is claimed to be How does it work Watch my easy to understand and hopefully entertaining tutorial to find out! To read the..

Xanthelasma NYC - (212) 644-6454 - NYC Xanthelasma - New York, NY..nycdermatologistxanthelasma 212 6446454 Welcome to Xanthelasma NYC at Xanthelasma NYC at Xanthelasma NYC Treatment Center..

8) Treatment Of Xanthelasma With Timedsurgical Resurfacing.CRPUB.ORG Medical Tutorial Journal TIMEDSURGERY..

Xanthelasma NYC - (212) 644-6454 -Xanthelasma Laser Treatment NYC- New York, NY..nycdermatologistxanthelasma 212 6446454 Welcome to Xanthelasma NYC at Xanthelasma NYC at Xanthelasma Laser NYC Treatment..

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Xanthelasma Removal At Home.An effective and ground breaking solution to Xanthelasma Removal. Very cheap, tried and tested. No need for surgery, lasers and any other expensive..

Myths About Xanthelasma Removal..

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